Bram Dracovich

21 Oct
Velcome Bram Dracovichby Bram Dracovich on October 19, 2009

BRAMGreetings! How do you do? No, don’t answer that. I do not vish to know. I’m here. And, please please stop making those pounding sounds on my gates. You know that I hear that. Yes. Yes, I do. So, vhat do you want me to tell you about myself?

I do not know you, and do not think you really vant to know who I am. Or do you?

Yes? I knew you vould say so. Vell, garlic, stinky cats, pepper spray…nada! Those silly objects do nothing to me. Sunlight, vell…vhat do you think? I am a vampire bat. I like to stay inside my manor and vatch scary movies vhen I am not too busy feeding. If you see me outside of my manor, it must mean my refrigerator is empty…

So, you vant to know how to enter Ravenloft Manor is that correct? Oh, that’s nice. I vish to have no visitors, sorry. Vhy do you vant to come in anyway? You might not return once you’ve entered, but that is up to you. I give you no promises.

Hmph. That is all.

Signed me,

Bram Dracovich Lord of Ravenloft Manor


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