Which Turkey Do You Like Best?

28 Nov

Since this is my FIRST Clear pic without the DW Camera Credit to Fudgyswirl coz she told me how to…The rest said that press print screen but fusgy said if we have a laptop press Fn+PrtSc and we have a laptop so thanx EVERYONE Who told me how to do it!WHich turkey is the cutest or best 4 u?Mine is Gravy it's so CUTE!!I think Gravy looks the best coz it’s the CUTEST!!!!! What about u?

P.S Sorry the pic is so small 😦


One Response to “Which Turkey Do You Like Best?”

  1. robinrosina December 8, 2009 at 3:29 AM #

    i like gobbles… and wats with the dancing broccoli?? like my dancing cow……. anyways u asked me how to put a header on.. well first u need a theme wich u can hav custom headers and i just use paint to make mine.. and then go to appearance > custom header and upload it =)
    Oh…I just put the Dacning Broccolli’s coz I thought it waz funny xD
    Yah I LUV Your dancin cow!
    So u mean you used paint like Croped them and pasted them on paint?THatz what I did once…
    Anywayz I alreaady know how to put a header 😛

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