What happened at out Last Period in School today!

8 Dec

Ok so…

The lasy Period in School waz Arts.


There are 2 people in my class onez Name is Qadeer[Boy]

And the other one is Manal[Bff..Girl

The teacher waz NOT in the arts room and

So there was a can of Spray paint and Qadeer took it and and Sprayed it on his hand but nothin came so he sprayed it on Manal’s face…

And then he was leaving the room and Manal turned to me and I’m like “OMG Manal you have The spray on you!!!!!!”
And Qadeer turned around and said in Urdu”No there is none on her”

Then I said in Urdu”Look for yourself!”
And he saw there was spray paint on her and then he said in Urdu”OH MY GOD!”Well…I kinda forgot what he said…

And then Qadeer put Snowspray AGAIN on his hand and the spray came on his hand…

P.S The Spray Paint was Black 😛

Qadeer iz a WEIRD person..

and no one in my class even know what a BLOG iz!!Only Manal does and has visited mah blog…

And my friend Sanaa has bin finding CP Cheats when she used to play it[And obviously she found the cheats from Blogs]

And she did not know it was a blog untill I told her 😐

Note::Sorry  for the long post.


One Response to “What happened at out Last Period in School today!”

  1. Maria December 9, 2009 at 12:37 PM #

    OMG is right!!!
    Black spray paint!!!!What was Qadeer thinking…….and did Manal get hurt???i mean on her eyes…or did she eat the spray paint accidently?….. and did ur teacher scold Qadeer later onwards?????
    Well…Qadeer DID check on his hand and it id dnot come and no Manal did’nt get hurt…
    WHY WOULD SHE EAT SPRAY PAINT???It did not even go on on the part where her mouth is! 😀
    And no he did not REAALLY get busted:D

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