New train costumes are O-U-T!

10 Jan

 Hi everyone, today is friday and the new train costumes are O-U-T,OUT!

There are differebt carts, here are the ones i got, im not sure if there are more,if you have more comment!


The ones below are Rare, everybody.


The ones below are VERY RARE:

 This is for Premium members, very rare.

 This too.


Guess what? Very rare 😛

The ones below are ULTRA RARE:

And last, LEGENDARY,


One Response to “New train costumes are O-U-T!”

  1. ♥Liljade♥ January 15, 2010 at 11:56 PM #

    Cyboy what wasa that about? i didnt do anything to you?? did i bother u or somthing but i didnt do anything??
    Cy~Well liljade,If you want me to apologize then I am apologizing I said that because you wuz mean to me on your blog coz u called me a kothi

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