Color battle

14 Jan

Breaking News!

We have a very special and exciting event in store for you this coming weekend! On Friday, get ready to take part in the first ever Fantage Color Battle! Four different Color Battle T-Shirts will be given out for free. After you pick up your shirts, join the Battle grounds at either the Carnival or Beach. How the game works is, two opposing color choices will be given. Choose ONE color and wear the T-Shirt of that color. For example, if the Battle is Red vs. Blue and more people wear Blue t-shirts, then the Blue Team will win!

Each winning team member will receive their score amount in Stars! Premium members will receive 2x the Stars!


Don’t forget to pick up your T-Shirts! Then, head over to Carnival or Beach to start battling!


Starting Friday, pick up your shirt AT THE BEACH. you can pick ONE. Choose.. wisely, im going on red team since this was my team for the dizzywood color war, i think fantage copied dw for this -_-‘ . Lets all do RED. SO LETS ALL GET TOGETHER    AND GO ON RED TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

♣ animalcrossingwi ♣


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