Carni Festival

27 Jan

Carni-Festi 😀 This weekend only, come join us for a spectacular Carnival Festival! The festival will begin on Friday and won’t end until Sunday. The highlight of this event is that you will be able to earn TRIPLE the amount of Stars on every single game in the Carnival! That means that each time you play a Carnival game, you will receive a 3x Star Bonus! With that kind of Star power…you will be able to go on a serious shopping spree! Wait, there’s more! Two very special items will be on sale ONLY during the Festival! A stand will be set up over at the Carnival where you’ll be able to buy a special Magician Costume as well as a matching board. This weekend only, go there to purchase these limited-time-only items! Take a sneak peek at the Carnival Festival headquarters! We’ll see you there! Be sure to bring your game face! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Yay The carni is coming :D. I wove carnivals and this one theres FREE items and TRIPLE STARS wowie! ♣ animalcrossingwi ♣


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