Talent SHow

19 Feb


All I wanted to say is that Today was our school Talent show!

Now lemme Explain:

In our school we have three houses:
Oaks, Willows and Pines.

I am in Oaks .

In activities on two or more people can’t be together if they r not from the same houses.

So lemme tell u something


Is ogether on stage and acts somethin’ little out.

So from Class 1-3 dresses as sumthin. And the best person gets a trophy in the convocation.

And from grade 4-11

We have a bonfire

but this year GRades 4-6 did not get to have a bonfire cos it’s not safe.

So we also entred except we did what we were supposed to do in the bonfire

I was in both of the plays!

I was a narrator in one and a Judge in the other :]

PLease hope Oaks wins the talent Show![Crosses fingers]


Update:PLEASE just PLEASE go to the “Fun Stuff” Page coz I have a new sub-page!Called ♫Songz♪


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