Charm:Lucky Clover

7 Mar

Hey friends! Greenday26 here. DIzzywood put out a new charm. It is a Lucky Clover Charm. Just PERFECT for St. Pattys day 🙂

It is located in Wildwood Glen. You can find it there.

Have a great time in Dizzywood friends! I know thats pretty hard to do now because of gold and silver members 😦  (Nooo Offence to members 🙂 )




2 Responses to “Charm:Lucky Clover”

  1. greenday26 March 7, 2010 at 3:37 AM #

    Hey Cy,
    I was just curious…Do you still go on and play Dizzywood? Or do you play Fantage?
    Cuz i try to go on early because i know the Pakistan Timezone (Reason i told you on email) and its 14 hours back from whrere i am so yah
    i want to see you\
    Tay~No I dn’t, When u get on is it night where I am or Day? If it’s night I am most likely to come on on Saturday, In daaaay, I am not really allowed so yh, So when ur on, What time is it in PST I don’t feel like countin’ coz I don’t like math 😛

  2. Greenday26 March 8, 2010 at 9:09 AM #

    Actually its like this…
    If for example it is 2PM for you
    for me it would be 4AM
    So i am always gonna be 2 hours ahead of u but in the other way like if ur day im nite so yah 🙂
    WAnna see u 😦

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