St. Patricks update

15 Mar

Hi everyone (:

The St. PAtricks is going on and this is wwhat you need to do:

To get Clover shirts/costumes-

Go uptown. You should see a leprachaun.(in the bushes) You will have to play 12 games to get the costumes/shirts (lets call them the c. and the s. for now?)


They are: Whack a Veggie, Go Carts, Snow Day, Boxy, Staries, Magic Pop, Bobo Fish, Snack Tac Toe, Buzzer Beater, Jelly Fishin, And Splash Classic.

You will get:  

To get the Coin boards:

To get the coin boards, you will go downtown. You should see a Leprechaun by the NPC. Talk to him and find 20 gold coins. I put a video on youtube but, its not processed yet, ill put it up when it is.

Anyway, When you Finish, You get:


Remember, enter my contest, and check back later for the video on the coins (1 hour from now!!!).



One Response to “St. Patricks update”

  1. TaylorSeptembear46 March 15, 2010 at 11:05 PM #

    Could u o dis fer me?
    There are lots of those games i CAN’T do!
    I might come back o fantae BTW

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