User,nick names!

18 Mar

Yo everone, B4 I say what I want to, HEAR THIS:


Yes please check it out, I udated it. oh and please always scroll down to see our posts!
Now what I actually wanted to tell u was:



Ok so, I have TWO new usernames, I will tell u my username  

in A LOT             OF STUFF[Those are the names u may call

me] And the nicknames[That u may call me] Only the given

names and Nick names are meant to be used if u wanna call

me something! Nick names r in da Brackets BTW

1. Dizzywood: Cyboy[cy]

2. Fantage: princess_miley_h, Songz_fan [Princess, Miley, prin, Songz, song, songs]

3. Neopets:[NEW!] Silver_mist_01 [Silv, Silver, Misty, Mist]

4. Photobucket:[NEW!] Silver_rocker1 [Silv, Silver, rock, rocker]

5. Ok well that’s all I remember! BYE!



UPDATE: My NEW username on WP is: Ƨιℓʌɛя_яσcκɛя1/Ƨιℓʌɛя_мιƨT_01/ƬαʏℓσяƧɛρтɛмвɛαя46

It’s written: Silver_rocker1/Silver_mist_01/TaylorSeptemBear46

DId not want to right the taylor one exept I had to so people no me!


3 Responses to “User,nick names!”

  1. Greenday26 March 18, 2010 at 1:54 PM #

    Hey CY 🙂
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting 😐
    Busy and tierd all the time
    So anyways i decided to just post missions and charms on my blog but like I wont really play Dizzywood
    SO i kinda quit 😀
    And i would like 2 tank u 😀 You always were a talky person and that made we stay on 🙂 The thing u said on mii blog really made me want to stya 🙂 thankksss ♥

  2. Greenday26 March 19, 2010 at 5:28 AM #

    Yes the talking part was DEFINETLY a complimeny

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