What SHould I talk ’bout?

26 Mar


It’s raining rite now! ‘Fortunately i AM DOWN HERE On he PC lol DW[Don’t worry NOT DizzyWOOD] I don’t mind, I was in my roof top for a LONG LONGGGG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Here is a pic I took while it was drizzling[U can’t see the rain the pic is just pretty :p]:

Hey ppl, I will put the pic later 😦
I tried puttin’ the pic on the Cimpuer from my camera, and it won’t work so I will tell my daddy to do it for me. then I WILL POST THE PIC!

So, Lemme think of something else…

Hold on this might take a while

Oh haan![N is silent just make the sound] Haan is “Yes” in Urdu 😛

Have u read Diary of a WImpy Kid? Does’nt it rock? well guess what! There is an interesting movie coming out!!!!!!!! Wanna see the trailor? Okay! BTW rodrick gives my the creeps![Shivers]




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