27 Mar

Hi pplz!!!!!!

Silv here!

There is this Magazine that comes in Pakistan every Sunday, You can publish stuff you wrote yourself like poems, your drawingz, articles etc etc… ALOT MORE!

And guess what! MY CUTE ANIME KITTY DRAWING GOT PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!! Lemme go on the youngworld thing on there site and I will find my pic if I can!

Wait alittle more….I cannot find it  😦 So lemme show u a niiiice story from young world[The MAG wif my drawng]

Kelly’s birthday was coming up and she was really excited to celebrate it. Every year she received loads of presents from her friends and relatives, but this year, deep in her heart, she wished for a pet as her birthday gift, and that too not an ordinary one — she wanted a pink cat!

She knew that pink cats were not easy to find, so she did not tell her parents about her wish as she did not want them to worry.

On her birthday, her mother baked chocolate cookies and made a yummy, soft, chocolate cake. All the children of her class were invited. Kelly enjoyed her birthday party very much and when it was over, she opened her gifts very impatiently. Her gifts included video games, water colours and dolls, but there was no cat in any of it. Kelly got upset, but the very next instant the door bell rang.

She sluggishly opened the door and saw a postal delivery man carrying a gift parcel in his hands. After receiving it, Kelly saw that the parcel was her birthday present from her Uncle Lancelot living in another city. There was a box with two holes on the top and “Pinky” was written in golden glittering letters on it. Kelly hastily opened the box.

Out sprang a cat! It was a fluffy, pink cat! Kelly was on the ninth cloud and showed it to everyone in her house, in the neighbourhood, to her friends and everyone else around. They all said that they had never seen a cat so beautiful as Pinky. The more others admired Pinky, the prouder Kelly felt. Within a few days, Kelly became very proud and made rude remarks about the pets of other people. She showed off Pinky to everyone and acted prouder and prouder.

Kelly bought a beautiful and expensive soft cushion for Pinky to sleep on. Then one day, when she woke up in the morning Pinky was missing. She searched the whole house and around all her neighbourhood but Pinky was not found. She felt miserable as the object of her pride was missing and she thought everyone would laugh at her. She locked herself in her room and cried for a very long time, and when her mother knocked at the door she reluctantly opened it.

Kelly’s mother was also upset but comforted Kelly and said, “Dear, I’ve been noticing that since the last few days you had became very proud and rude with everyone because you had a very unique pet. You hurt others a lot and behaved arrogantly. Maybe God wants you to realise that you must never take pride in anything which He gives you and always be humble.

Maybe this is a lesson for you to behave nicely with everyone and appreciate what others have.”

Kelly started to cry and really regretted her behaviour. She went to apologise all the people she had hurt by her arrogance. Kelly became humble and loved and appreciated what others had. After some days, when Kelly was walking back home from school she heard, ‘Meow, meow…’ a familiar sound, she looked around, under the bushes and found Pinky!

“Hurrah!” She jumped eith happiness and took Pinky in her arms and happily walked to her home.

Sotry called “The pink cat”
NOT written by me!

2 Responses to “OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!”

  1. brry3321 March 27, 2010 at 7:14 PM #

    Cool! I wish we have that where I live!

  2. lollypaw March 29, 2010 at 5:30 PM #

    can you upload the picture???

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