Oh… I work here now? Well,might as well post.

9 Apr

Err… Hi! :mrgreen:

I’m gonna talk about my little brother. (No,this is NOT lame. You’ll be really impressed on what he can do!)

He does origami!!! He… is… A PRO. He made a detailed bee,a detailed horse (I think it had wings…),and more hard origami!

When he doesn’t feel like doing anything hard,he just makes butterflies or dragonflies.

This is the website he uses: http://www.origami.com/diagram.html

We’d take pics of his origami… But we don’t know how to get a pic on to the computer! 😛 Infact,we’re making an origami blog! We’re still working on it.

He is only 7,btw. Well,that kinda was short. Seeya! I guess… 😛


PS. His nickname is Lax125.

PSS. He’s not really TOP pro. He can’t make a magic ball (origami),but he can make a SIMPLE magic ball.


3 Responses to “Oh… I work here now? Well,might as well post.”

  1. brry3321 April 10, 2010 at 12:16 PM #

    Ahem ok? ahem 😛

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