School Convocation 2010 Class of 2009

25 Apr


Like Guess what!!! Yesterday[Saturday] Wuz my school Convocation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We distribute the the prizes people had one in the activities that were held For Ex; Spelling bee, Salad and Sandwhich Competition,  Engish Declamation and Urdu Declamation etc etc…

   It is also to g ive out the prizes and entertain the graduating class of the year b4 and to entertain their, and other students parents.In the beggining, The Host’a of the show announces that a girl name “Reem” will make a speech. Her speech was LOVELY! She was pretty and her accent was cmpletely American it made me want to hear the speach about three more times!

   Next was a boring speech from one of my Principals! And after dat was an even more boring speech of the cheif guest Dr Tariq Rehman. I felt like the speach was for one HOUR! I did not understand a word! Throughtout the WHOLE convocation my Head was hurting so I was feeling so sleepy whilst the speech was goin’ on and on!


   After that the host’s said “Now For the Entertainment” And reception[K-G]’s dance wuz first! It was sooo cuete!!! The convocation hing came on the newspaper, There were 2 pics; One was while Reception was dancing :D. It was soooo cute! They were dancing whilst the lion king song was on “In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle the Lion sleeps Tonight”. Cute right? a RECEPTIONER was wearing a lion Costume and when they said “The Lion sleeps tonight” the lion would wave. The Lion was laying down on a pillow pretnding to sleep.


   Then came this teacher play that only third grade played that was directed by a third Grader. Then was this Morny o h Morny[Urdu play]play.It was directed by a fourth Grader and Grades; 1,2 and 4 were in it, My ex-neighbour looked so cute man!Then came this boring urdo play I did not find ineresting.


   Then came he James and The Giant peach play OH YH! Played by Grades 5 and 6. Directed by my English Lit. Teacher! i was only part of the crowd in the play, No lines but still was embarassing 😳 lol! I likes Aunt Spiker, Aunt Sponge and Miss Spiders Acting za best!They were really good at acting like Aunt Spiker and Sponge and Miss Spider.


   There wuz ALOT more and cool dances 2! And the best part was, This boy, Sameer, HE DID AN AWESOME BREAK DANCE ON STAGE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WAS DOING NOTING BUT AWESOME!!!! PEOPL E U SHULD’VE BIN THERE!!!!!!!!!! I finally also got my prize. Not a rophy this time for first place Spelling bee, BUT I got a certifiate and a book!!!The book is Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. Speaking of Brothers Grimm, have u seen it? Is’n it awesome?


   After that With my Cousins I went to China Town[ EResturant] And guess what! I saw my class fellow!!!! and afer that, A few minutes later, I saw THE GRADUATING CLASS THERE!!!!!! 😀 I ordered Hot ‘n Sour Soup and Chicken Chowmein. Next we went to get ice-cream, Then I went to my cousins home with them, after a little while we went o their friends house had fn in he begginin’ then got bored coz it was chaos!


   Then we finnally wen to my house! After a while my cute Lil’ neice Shayya came! She is 2 and is hyper at night when I see her otherwise I dunno 😀 after they left, I went on the computer tthen read one Chapter of the Fourth Part of Mallory Towers.Next went to sleep! Well, That was my whole day Ysterday! I hope this post was long enough!

Peace Out!




2 Responses to “School Convocation 2010 Class of 2009”

  1. ♥Owl April 25, 2010 at 9:52 AM #

    How would you describe an “american” accent? compared to the way you talk? im american(from america) and its like the only language i hear everyday(english). so saying that the girls speech was american…what do you mean? how are americans different from you guys? im curious about other cultures/languages

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