Urgent/Important please read!!!

28 Apr

Hey Yall! Hope you’re reading!

Everyone these dayz I might not be goin’ on the Computer 2 much! My exams are comin’ in about…4 Weeks I think? So I will be studying. I HATE MATH! CURSE MATH!!!!!!! I HATE IT! IT IZ THE WORST SUBJECT IN DA WORLD! Why oh Why does Math have to be ‘Important’. BTW do u know what happened in school 2day? well for a lonngggg time I have lost my oldest math copy[It got lost while I was using my second because it was already finished], and Guess what, My class teacher found it in the STAFF ROOM![Teachers Room when they don’t have a period they Chillax, Talk, check copies and have tea and maybe more food ;D] HAH! SO IT WUZ MY NMATH TEACHERS FAULT!!!!!!!

 AnYwHoO,So Aboout my papers, They are FINAL! I EXPECT MY WORKERS TO POST! NONE OF MY WORKERS are posting! The last one to post was Gabriella4LeafClover Well, She iz new and that was her first post… 0_O Okay  workers please post OR ELSE! Ta da da dumm! Please I am counting on u! I need to keep my blog updated! I will still be on this blog until the last week of May! My exams startt then I have to work even HARDER!!!


~Silv teh Awesome One!

P.S Sorry for the short notice!                                                                                                          


5 Responses to “Urgent/Important please read!!!”

  1. brry3321 April 28, 2010 at 12:11 PM #

    AHHH! *whimpers* 😆 srry,I never really worked on another person’s blog besides doggyz111’s blog and I only posted once on her blog and that was long ago! (run on sentence 😛 )
    The point is,I don’t know how often to post on another persons blog. 😛 So,err. I’ll guess I’ll post now!

  2. brry3321 April 30, 2010 at 12:53 PM #

    Ƨιℓʌɛя_яσcκɛя1/Ƨιℓʌɛя_мιƨт_01/ƬαʏℓσяƧɛρтɛмвɛαя46 :

    1. What is wimpers? :mrgreen: Don’t blame me God! I am not American :lol:
    2. How ’bout u only post twice more? You times starts, NOW!

    The whimpers?
    “Okay workers please post OR ELSE! Ta da da dumm” 😆
    That’s why. But making fake whimpers are fun. And whimpering is the sound dogs make when they are scared or something. 😛

  3. MelissaMusicBear8 April 30, 2010 at 3:51 PM #

    Hi Silver/Tay/Cyboy: I’m seriously so sorry I haven’t been posting! I’ve been seriously busy lately… but I hope I’ll be posting more often soon!

    Thanks for not firing me – I’ll do my best to keep it that way!

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