6 May

Hi and BUHBYE!
Well, hello there!! Soo, Now, what should I talk about?Hmm… lemme think, Give me a second I will think of something. Maybe I know what I should do! For school I had written a Common Wealth Essay! I would like to Share it with you! There were lots of subjects to choose from, and I chose “The Mad Scientist”! I kinda got my Ideas from the Fantage Mission “The Mad Scientist”. Now lemme just START it LOL!:

The Mad Scientist
One day I was walking to the Mission Center because of my mission. One of the Scientists, Scarlett told me I need to stop the Mad Scientist. He is hiding somewhere in a secret place. But no one knows where he is. He had created three strong robots: Tammy Tornado, Lenny Lighting, Ren Rain and the Weather-Bot. I had to first find out where the Mad Scientist was, while I was looking for him, I found a lot of clues. The first place I started to look from was the Carnival. I went inside the Carnival to start looking in case he was hiding there.
I found a clue that said “If you ever find me in this room you will first battle Tammy Tornado.” I kept it with me to show Scarlett , Before I went to Scarlett I was looking for more clues. I found two more. I found the second one in Top Models Inc. It said “ This is the second clue you have found. After Tammy get ready to battle Lenny Lighting!” How did he know this was my second clue?!Was he following me? I thought. After that I went to MT. Fantage, I found the clue behind a Peculiar Helicopter. The clue: “This is the third clue, Get ready and set to battle Ren Rain after Lenny Lightning. Fourth clue Is in the Mission Center.”
I went back to the mission center puzzled. I showed these too Scarlett and she told me to look for the 4th clue as everyone else was busy doing some re-search. I looked and looked everywhere and finally found it in the drawer that was locked.
“Eureka!” I shouted. “I found it!”
“You have found the fourth clue, Get ready to battle the Weather-bot after the other three” is what it said.
“Go and battle them. Make us proud!” Said Scarlett. I went to defeat them. I defeated them all but the weather-bot was left. It took me five hours to beat him. It was quite hard to battle him. He kept dodging my attacks. I had to forfeit [Pretend to] and went to buy the weather-bots weakness…CHOCOLATE! I threw the chocolate at it when I came back to fight and he broke down into pieces! VICTORY for me! Scarlett was really proud and gave me a medal. But what happened to the mad scientist you ask? He was IN the Weather-bot!
Question of the post-What did u learn about chocolate in this post?


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