The Dizzy Times

9 May

The Dizzy Times


 The Dizzywood Cheat of the week

How to wear gold member clothes over and over even with an expired membership.

  1. Get the dizzy fashion camera.
  2. Put on the clothes you would like to wear even when you’re not a member.
  3. Save your look with the camera.
  4. When your membership expires,just go to the section marked “looks” in your inventory and click it.

Downside:You cannot change the color of the clothing.

 The Dizzywood hint of the week
Never give out your password!Trust me-prevent account theft!

 The Dizzywood Glitch of The Week

How to use ghost ray without running out!

  1. Get ghost ray
  2. Add it to your hotkeys
  3. When you run out of ghost ray,just use the hotkey!

DizziGame of The Week
The Dizzigame of the week is Penguin Diner by 2D Play.

Click image to play.
Poem Of The Week
By Peace24

Woke with a smile on my face,
Sunshine all over the place.
Music in my soul.
Just knew it would come, ya know.

Can’t keep me down
Just have to take time to look around
See what’s going down.
Knew that I’d come around.

Hearing the sea sounds,
Laughter in the air
Making me smile,
Lord, it sure has been awhile.

Feeling like I could just soar
Flying high through all kinds of weather
Straight through the dark into the light

Cuz that’s where I belong
Laughing and singing
Dancing to the beat
Inviting to take you into the heat.

Ahhh.. yeah this feels better
No nasty weather, chased the blues away
No more clues needed today.
I am gonna be okay.

Wanted your hand today,
But found I have my own hand to play.
That’s how the cards are thrown.
I’ve been shown that laughter
Makes the play so much better.

No more tossing, turning in my sleep.
Can just move to the beat
Baby what a feat.

Sing with me, dance with me
The sunshine is here to stay
Got the music in my soul today

Keeping it all in play
Just gonna be a better day
Yeah there is no better way

Don’t get in my way
Got to make this play
No more doom and gloom
Chased that away, feeling great today


The Dizzy Times


5 Responses to “The Dizzy Times”

  1. NO ADDDS!!! I will have to delte u if u advertise 1 more time I am sorry!

  2. ~Dizz~ May 14, 2010 at 3:28 AM #

    Its not a ad!Its my newspaper!Gosh!

  3. I am sorry, I know it’s ur newspaper BUT AD was written and it was like an ad, The Our world thing and I did not want anyone to share their e-mails on my blog.

  4. Dizzy2154 May 15, 2010 at 1:10 AM #

    Oh.Well for subscription they don’t have to share it publicly.And the ow ad is really supposed to be like a special blog of the week but I haven’t gotten to it.GTG write the next newspaper.If you want,I’ll take off the ad.The only purpose of a newspaper is to tell ppl about stuff like dw glitches and all and also to be sort of like a real newspaper with learn a language and stuff.Hey,great idea-nevermind!

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