6 Jun

HEY HEY HEY!! Silv in teh hizhouse!!! SUMMER HOLS!!!!!My friends r at my house I am having anAFTER SCHOOL PAR-TAY! I hope ya missed me pplz!My friend Manal sayz Hi! So does my Frend Nooraneh.THIS POST BETTER BE LONG!Manal says:”dooobi doobidoo ba!” NooRaNEh SAYZ:”its not like that Manal! Its like doobie dooby dooba  dooby dooby dooba.” NOOR UR WEIRD!!!!Sooooooo… SILV IN THE HIZHOUSE…? OH GOD I HAVE Nuffin’ ta say! Shrek the fouth iz out!!!! Watch iGo to Japan[iCarly] it is a really FUNNY ONE!

Ok I am runnin’ out f stuff ta say soo…. BUH-BYE!!!!!!


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