It’s just a cold

11 Jun

It’s better that a flu! I’ve had a flu before. I don’t want to get into that subject… XP

I still have the cold but I’m in recovery,so I can post. And I have a subject for this post! (YES!!! 😀 )

It’s about Chicken Smoothie! (NO,it’s NOT what it’s named. If it was,I woudn’t be telling you guys about it!) It’s a Virtual pet website! But it’s wayyyy better than Neopets,if you ask me. The good thing about it is:

1. It has AWESOME virtual pets with different rarity.

2. They have virtual dogs,cats,beta fish,koi fish,2gens (second generation),rats,dragons,and butterfly wolves!

3. They have “oekaki” art. (I think it’s japanese) They use Chibipaint for it.

4. You can use a tablet on Oekaki art!!! (I don’t have one,but I really want one!)

5. You can sort your different pets in groups.

6. There are different forums to post on.

7. You can trade with other people.

8. There are advents on holidays and other stuff where you can get pets and items related to that celebration! Just go to the main site,and click on the big “CHICKEN SMOOTHIE” word above the wishlist,pets,trades,balance,log out,and help. And you will go and see the Site news. Make sure you go there often,there may be some inportant stuff there!

9. Your pets can grow without needing to click or feed them!

10. Your pets will never die. 🙂

Once you sign up,I suggest:

1. Adopt all the pets,at the maximum level! Because although it may seem you’re just adopting many of the same pet,some MAY grow into a different looking pet than the others with a different rarity!

2. Don’t make more than acount.

3. Read the rules (duh)

4. Fill your wishlist with many pets you really want. It helps people who want to trade with you know what you want.

5. Go to the pound once in a while! Sometimes,the pound is open! And if you’re really early or lucky,you may find a rare or very rare!

6. Go to the shop and get all the free stuff! And if you want to,buy some C$ with real money to buy things in the store!

7. Try getting the hang on the oekaki. The layers are important! Experiment them.

And why not search my acount if you want? Go to my blog and look in my side bar. There are some Chicken smoothie pets there. Some are traded to other people and don’t belong to me anymore but I think my beta fish,Quicks,still belongs to me. My nickname on Chicken Smoothie is ~Fairy Tale~. Go to my profile and check out my gallery,too! See? When I have a good subject,my posts end up long. 🙂

Q: What do you think about Chicken Smoothie?


2 Responses to “It’s just a cold”

  1. brry3321 June 11, 2010 at 9:20 PM #

    😆 XD

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