13 Jun

well hello pplz of the world! im slushiebear! well i just got an email saying that im an author now… so ill try to post 😀

BUT! i am srry, silver, cuz im not gnna be here from the last week of june to the first week of july cuz im going to the east coast 😦 so i cant post then

some stuffs about me:

ive had my account for i think one year, and fantage is AMAZING. some of my hobbies enclude playing badminton/volleyball and reading my favorite tv show is icarly, celebrity apprentice, and america’s best dance crew. my favorite food is sushi, and any other japanese food (IM NOT JAPANESE!!) i have really dark brown hair, and i like the harry potter series . my favorite color is purple (for now ), and my favorite song is live like ur dying by kris allen (if u havent heard it, its on my mixpod) when im on fantage, i like to go either to one my buddies are on, or the fullest one. i am a perfectionist 😀 i hate justin beiber, and i hate math   oh and i dont like stalkers, and rude and nosy people i hate it when people but into my business. my bestie in real life is blueangel101!


2 Responses to “hi….”

  1. тσχι¢ A.K.A. Riot ;) June 13, 2010 at 5:55 AM #

    who r u O_o

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