14 Jun

Today’s my birthday!! I wanna take advantage of this post to say that I haven’t been posting lately. I should be ashamed. No really, I will try to post more. I signed into my e-mail and got two birthday things. One was from an online game which I don’t even use. I dunno I forgot why I don’t use it. Maybe cuz I have to download something?? I don’t know. I subscribe to a ton of different online games that I never go on. The other one was from Blingee. I’ll show it to ya.

Cool, huh?

Well, now that I’ve got your attention I’ll just write more. So…xxCastawayxx one of my Buddies on DW and author and online friend decided to quit. So I will miss seeing her posts on Fantage on her blog. She helped me when I was totally clueless on Fantage. It’s a pretty fun game. A little boring unless there’s an event going on. I always play Jelly Fishin’. Easy game. The easiest game though is Type Boo. Every time I go on I get the new high score. So yeah, I get a kick outta that. Hmm…the Color War is returning to Dizzywood. I’ll miss it again this year. Last year I missed it cuz I went on vacation. This year cuz Dizzywood won’t let me on. For some reason I always get the message to “come back later” so yeah the reason I quit. Hmm….saying “Hmmm…” makes you feel smart. Say it, “Hmm….”. It also helps if you put your hands on your chin and squint your eyes a little. You can add to the affect by later scratching your head. I write a lot don’t I? I like writing. It’s like talking, only you don’t get tired. Or out of breath.  Ok, then. I am done.


2 Responses to “Wassup?”

  1. Happy B-day!!!!!! On my b-day[25th September] I got a e-mail saying happy B-day to me from metrolyrics.com[I joined I forgot my username and password].
    I also join lots of online sites and games and forget about it 😀

  2. Toxic June 15, 2010 at 2:30 AM #

    Happy late B-DAY! On my B-day babv sent me a happy birthday

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