17 Jul

Hey,guyz! Brry3321 is in da houze! XD

So looooooooooong ago,I started a pokemon pearl game. And after a while,I got to the point where I had to defeat the elite four! (Now this is where it got hard…) It was SO hard! So I stopped for a few monthes… Suddenly,I had the urge to start practising to beat them. Then that took too long so I stopped again… but then later I kept practising until all except one of my pokemon were level 60! I couldn’t train my fire type cuz I didn’t know where to train it… So I left it as level 54. My pokemon addicted brother helped me beat the elite four. He has pokemon Platinum and pokemon soulsilver! And guess what,I beated the elite four! (As the title says… FINALLY! XD ) My team: Storm (Empoleon),Chompy (Garchomp),Battery (Pikachu),Staraptor,Meta (Metagross),and that thing… Magmar,yeah.

Isn’t Chompy such a cute name? ^.^ 😛 Btw,you’ve GOT to see this totally CUTE youtube video! Go to youtube and type in “pokemon caramelldansen” then click the top video. But don’t hear it TOO much.. if you do,you’ll get sick of it just like my pokemon addicted brother. I like the english version better,more understanding. XD

Question: Which version of pokemon caramelldansen do you like better? The english version or the other language? (I don’t know what the other language IS…)


2 Responses to “FINALLY!”

  1. ¶~♥~★ мαρℓɛωσσ∂425♥~★~¶ July 22, 2010 at 11:37 PM #

    english versoin is *odd* i like the japaneese. I dont know why.. its just better xD

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