I THINK the last plane crash we had was 2 years ago in Multan!

2 Aug

Yes, Bliss told u guyz about the plane crash. But Blisswirl, 10 ppl did survive. and it was the Airblue Airline.

I went to the Airblue site and want to show u whats written:

Airblue, with great sadness, announces the loss of flight ED 202 on July 28th 2010 inbound from Karachi to Islamabad. The flight crashed during poor weather and thick fog.

We regret the loss of life and are investigating the exact circumstances of this tragedy.
This will be presented as soon as possible.

Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew.


My Aunt was about to go in that flight 😦 God Saved  her :->>

P.S It’s Flooding in Isb[My dad told us] and Day b4 yeserday, Electricty was gone for 24 hours everywhere in Islamabad! Atleast we have UPS and Generator 😀

P.S.S It’s also raining alot in Karachi!

Ta Ta For Now!

~Tayl0r $w!ft Fan!

EDIT-  Ten People did survive, by deciding not to go in the plane 😀


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