Do dododo do,dodo do. :P

14 Aug

Brry3321 hereee~

Sooo… I don’t know what to post. (Yeah,it happens in,like,two thirds of my posts.)

Hmm… I have stuff to say. I have Animal crossing City Folk/Let’s go to the city. 😀 Actualy,I got it ages ago. But our super/awesome/houses with flags/chocolate empire/Nookingtons data got erased because of some “misunderstanding”. So we had to start over. X( The old data’s village name was Reville. (No idea why.) And a long time ago,I started the new data but forgot it then I remembered it. So my brothers are now playing. The new data’s village name is Kayville. (Short for Okayville. Cheesy much?) My villager is called *Star* (Real name…) *Star*. I hope you get that. My fav villager in the village is Sydney the koala. 😀

Do you have Animal Crossing? I don’t know anyone who does. Or maybe my friend in rl does… Because she has a wii and tons of wii games,like me. XD But I didn’t ask. Away from that topic… I use Animal Crossing wiki. It’s rlly useful and stuff! I also like Animal Crossing movie,which is shown on youtube. I prefer the Japanese version. I THINK they have an english version… Oh,and I ❤ the song from K.K. Slider,Steep Hill. 😛 I calso cought a Gar fish! And no,I’m not putting my friend code in. 😛 Hmmm. I have a golden shovel. (Easy to get. Not telling. 😛 ) Ummm… And that’s all.



3 Responses to “Do dododo do,dodo do. :P”

  1. Gabri August 14, 2010 at 10:03 PM #

    I have animal crossing for ds we can still visit each others towns if I have ur code.

  2. brry3321 August 15, 2010 at 10:53 AM #

    Kewl. I think that’s Wild World,right? K,I’ll go find my friend code. Should I E-mail it to you or something else?

  3. Gabri August 18, 2010 at 4:20 AM #

    sure email it to me

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