Farm Story Murder Mysterys [Pretty fun]

17 Aug

On FarmStory there was a FAKE murder Mystery Goin’ on… Everyone Enjoyed it and I was in on it 2 >:)>. “Officer Frank Poncherello” had made Updates on the the Teamlava Forum. [

And I want to show you Poncherello’s Updated[BTW It is over now! Case is closed but now there is gonna be a Sequel!! I am in it woooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Now- Where is the farm u ask????

It was in-Rocco de Coco’s Farm

Rocco is a really Artistic guy and also sings[Sings suff to show there is Nothing to Water or he Watered our crops] Everyone Enjoys his Creativity and Songs! He is REALLY nice and kind! Everyone likes him I am one of the Top 10 ppl who likez him Most 🙂

Farm Story Murder Mystery

Hello Farmers and Citizens,

This is Officer Frank Poncherello, but you can call me Ponch. We’re currently in the midst of Farm Story wide investigation into the murder of Rocco de… I mean, Rico de Coco. We had orginally thought it was the body of Rocco de Coco we had found on the premises of his farm, but after he surprised us (myself, my partner Officer Jon Baker, and an assortment of young farmer girls aged 10-14) by stumbling out of the farm outhouse we quickly realized in was in fact Rico de Coco, Rocco’s twin brother, who had been murdered.

Here is a photo of the scene from yesterday:

Rico de Coco had a long, turbulent history with his twin brother and were known to have been fighting the prior evening. Rocco was alledgely hit in the head with a metal bar – THE SAME METAL BAR JENNA (one of Rocco’s neighbors, also a twin, sister to Lauren, who is also acting suspiciously) HAD HIT HER HEAD ON EARLIER – and received a concussion that caused him to feel nauseous and pass out in the outhouse, where he remained unconscious until awakening, stumbling out, and staring the beejeezus out of Taylor.[Thats me Silver!!!]

Which is all fine and dandy aside from the little fact that HE EMERGED BRANDISHING A BLOODY KNIFE! The same bloody knife that Forensics determined was indeed the murder weapon.

But Rocco has no memory of ever having the knife. And his brother can tell no tales of what happened.

So today is the wake at Rocco’s farm:

Our investigation has targeted several suspicious individuals. Most obviously Rocco himself, Lauren and Jeena (very shady looking characters, one hides behind the facade of a whale, and the other fancies herself a tiger), chick (who doth protest her innocence a little too much) and Greenya, who keeps trying to point the finger at everyone else.

Officer Baker and I will be continuing our interviews to whittle down the suspect list and find the murderer before they strike again! They will be brought to justice! ChiPs always get their man! Or woman. Or whale (you know who I’m talking about).

To add yourself to Rocco de Coco’s farm and pay your respects, add ID: netdirector. Rico de Coco leaves behind his young son Mini de Coco. Please help him out on his farm if you can, add ID: notdirector.

On behalf of CHiPs and the great game of Farm Story, we thank you for your assistance, your participation, and your wonderful spirit of friendship and cooperation. We also thank you for your numerous comments on the fine form-fitting CHiPs uniforms, although Officer Baker blushes very easily.

Over and out…

This is one of Rocco’s Artistic Hay Bale Creation!



RIP Rico! yaaay uput my name here!


And uhh yesI did scream like a little girl…


Hello Farmers and Citizens. Officer Poncherello here. As I sure you know if you’ve been reading the wall on Rocco de Coco’s farm (ID: netdirector) we have apprehended Rocco de Coco as he was attempting to flee the scene of the crime during the funeral, and have detained him until further notice. Here’s how it all went down:

Captain Baker and I were enjoying the fine refreshments at the funeral (catered by Autumn, very good brownies, thank you) when we heard the commotion break out. Mini de Coco (son of the deceased, Rico de Coco) was screaming incoherently and pointing off in the direction of the trees at the edge of the cemetary, where the alledged murderer Rocco de Coco was obviously attempting to make his getaway. Fortunately, due the appendix operation he was mistakenly given, he was slow enough for Captain Ponch to capture.

He plead his innocence, and claimed to be chasing the deceased, Rico de Coco. A very likely story. Mini de Coco was distraught and we quickly removed Rocco from the scene.

With the substancial evidence we have in our possession, the murder weapon (knife) found in Rocco’s possession, and
the testimony of neighbors such as Autumn (again, excellent brownies) who have helped convince us of his guilt, this case is being closed by CHiPs while we prepare for trial.

Thank you all for your gracious assistance. Lauren, Jenna; sorry for the inconvenience – just doing our jobs.

Over and out…

What about the cupcakes I made at the Funeral?!?!!



Remember te cupcakes inn the funeral..? Yh well I made them!!!
Ohh and BTW ROCCO IS INNOCENT!!! It was captain Baker!!! I will tell u the story how I found out it was him…
1,2 Days Ago when Mini and Rocco said Rey saw Rico, I saw Rico 2 so I told everyone. Then after a few hours when I was at Rocco’s Farm to check if I would find something someone was coming towards me and creapt closer and closer and was about 3feet away from me when I saw his face. It was by surprise Captain Bakerj with the same knife and Metal Bar Officer Pinchy found!!! He tried to kill but I ran away screaming for help! I decided to hide in City Atory but I came back when I heard he was in KingsDoms Live thinking I had an account so he could kill me wIth the weapons. But I don’t THANK GOD! But now he is back and I am in hiding again and I am not gonna tell anyone where I am hiding cos he may find me again!! This is true please believe me and arrest him I am really scared I want to get out of hiding PLEASE let Rocco go and put Captain Baker in his place. Rocco does not deserve to be in a place with a public toilet that he has to use Infront of everyone! Captain Baker does!!

Thank You
You must believe me!


Hello Farmers and Citizens. Officer Ponch here with the latest update.

We tracked Rocco de Coco back to scene of the crime, his farm, where we found this:

The flowers were arranged in a very unusual pattern that seems to spell out “OTTO DID IT”. Obviously, yet another futile ruse on the part of Rocco to deflect his obvious guilt, and we were about to make our arrest when young Mini de Coco noticed figures in the trees. Two figures. One of whom looks exactly like Rico (and Rocco, being twins and all) and the other who looks like a slightly older version of Rocco (or Rico) or a MUCH older version of Mini. Hey! Has anyone noticed how all these de Cocos look almost exactly alike, aside from age? And where are all the mothers???

Well enough is enough! I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m sure going to find out! Once and for all!

Just as soon as I have one of those tasty Krispy Kremes that Captain Baker brought back…

The finale starts at 10am CST… One half hour from now!


Officer Ponch here. Somehow, someone (we have our eye on you, Miss Lauren) switch the picture of Rocco’s farm:

With that another farm we were investigating. Obviously, my blood sugar is low or I would have caught Laure… Er… the culprit, in the act.

I need that doughnut! Someone get me the 411 on Captain Baker before he eats them all!




Rocco-Slash Ponchy oh buddy oh pal 😛

Hey hey hey!!! Taylor Swift]
Fan here![Thats my name on my blog]
I am just here to tell u something boring but true so I can advertise my blog 😛
I made a post about this Murder on my blog…
It izh Awesome… Espicially u Rocco 😛 U must sing on it :PPPPP

rocco de coco


Hey, thanks Taylor![Thats me Silv!] It was great having your enthusiasm (hyper is an understatement) as part of the mystery. You have a fantastic imagination. 

So to wrap up what happened, because it got pretty crazy the last day and most of the posts just rolled off the wall by mid-afternoon…

Rocco de Coco and Mini de Coco (his nephew, son of Rico) met up on Rocco’s farm, where the mysterious “OTTO DID IT” had been spelled out in flowers. No sooner did they notice that, then Otto (Rocco & Rico’s father, Mini’s grandfather) came out of the woods with yet another de Coco sibling, Paco de Coco (Rocco and Rico’s brother).

Now stick with me here… turns out Otto, whom Rocco had thought had perished when he was 10, actually was living in seclusion on a small farm with a corgi, conducting genetic experiments on himself. The result of these experiments were a series of clones – Rocco, Rico, Paco, and who knows how many more. Mini was the latest clone, which is why he was the youngest.

The goal of the experiments were to clone his body, and then develop a process to transfer his mind to the new, young body. But he hadn’t quite succeeded, and his attempts either destroyed the clone or damaged the mind – which is why poor Paco could neither talk to behave properly.

Otto believed the flaw was in the clone. He was trying to create a perfect clone, he felt Rico was too deranged, but Rocco with his kind demeanor and flair with words and song… he would be perfect!

Otto sent Paco to kidnap Rocco to transfer his mind to him. But when Paco arrived he found Rocco and Rico (the mentally deranged clone) in a heated argument. When Rico bopped Rocco on the head with the metal bar, Paco lunged forward and killed Rico in defense of him. Rocco meanwhile, had stumbled into the outhouse and passed out.

Paco ran back to Otto’s farm, without Rocco. Otto returned the next day to find a funeral being held for Rico, and was noticed in the forest by Mini and Rocco, who was subsequently arrested for trying to flee while chasing him. Later, Otto sent Paco back to Rocco’s farm to dig up and retrieve Rico’s body for analysis and further experimentation.

Rocco managed to escape prison and ran around to multiple farms in an attempt to gather clues and avoid the police. Eventually he ended up back at his own farm when he met up with Mini, then Otto and Paco, and then the police (Officer Ponch and Captain Baker) as well.

As a result of all the experimentation Otto had done on himself, he wasn’t quite all there either. After a long monologue explaining his dastardly plan (boring the heck out of Lauren, who should have just been relieved she wasn’t in jail with Rocco) and insulting neighbors, he sent Paco to eliminate the police. Paco managed to subdue Captain Baker (but not kill him, he was just knocked unconscious) and was attacking Officer Ponch, who fired and killed Paco. 

Mini, who in the past week had seen his father die, his uncle imprisoned, found out Lauren beat up Jenna with a coat hanger, found out Paco killed his father, found out his father wasn’t his father, found out he was a clone, and found out his “grandfather” was an insane mad scientist – Mini cracked, wrestled the gun away from Officer Ponch, and shot and killed Otto.

Distraught, Rocco consoled Mini, getting the gun and giving it back to Officer Ponch.

So in the end… 

Rico died, Paco died, Otto died. And Rocco is going back to drawing with hay bales and writing songs when watering his neighbors.

But then Mini noticed someone else watching from the forest… but that’s a tale for another day…

Thanks to everyone for participating! It was a blast!





Yaaaaaaaaaaay thanx….
BTW… Believe it or not I sukk at acting in real lyf xD I am real shy so I don’t act xD



Meeeee againnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told everyone on my blog how nice u r ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>….
Your welcome :PPPP
No comments on that post tho![Well… not YET :P]

Bii Biii!!! Hope u enjoyed!You would have founf it real fun if u were dere!!!!




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  1. Taylor Swift Fan August 18, 2010 at 3:58 PM #

    My Longest Post EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ♥bliss August 18, 2010 at 4:59 PM #

    Lol that cop really liked dessert. 😛
    It was a good, tangled, long, murder story. (:

  3. Taylor Swift Fan August 18, 2010 at 7:11 PM #

    Yh lol….
    Rocco if ur reading this- Was your Character Officer Pinchy Fat??
    Haha I know it was sooo good!!!

  4. brry3321 August 20, 2010 at 1:37 PM #

    Keep throwing those brain teasers,Tay. Because I’m pretty sure I’ve dodged all of them! 😀 (And by dodging,I mean answered right. XD)

  5. brry3321 August 21, 2010 at 3:16 AM #

    Well I luf brainteasers! XD

  6. Taylor Swift Fan(not logged on) August 21, 2010 at 7:54 AM #

    Who sed I don’t? =p

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    I didn’t say you dont. C: <—- Supar smiley. 😀

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      Haha =[D> <—– SmIlEy WiTh A mUsTaChE aNd BeArD!!!!!!! =p

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