2 Sep

Ello everyone You know the post below this one below that one? “Ahahahahaahhaha look at Harry!”? Remember I said I might quit? I am 99.9 Percent sure I am not quiting ROFL xD[Rofl coz I am ninety nine point nine percent sure] xD

Ok so the Post is not about TAHT! ITS ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY COMING UP!!!!! Don’t ask me when guess urself! If ur thinkin’ of cheatin’ frum my sidebar I AM REMOVING IT XP

Ok so I know whats gonna happen on my B-day-

I am gunna get an e-mail from Metro Lyrics.com saying “Happy birthday!” Tahts it but I have a weird username-I forgot my username and Password xD

So I will make a new acc—I think my old one wuz something like mc and jb rock[I was a fan of Miley and Jonas Bro’s dont laugh xD]


BTW I think I am gunna get a Taylor Swift Cake!How u ask?

Well I will go to the Bakery where I alwayz get a Birthday cake[On my Sixth Birthday I got a Barney[The Dinosaur] cake frum there 😆 ],BUT B4 THAT I print a pic of T-Swift-Give it to the Bakery People and they will draw it on my cake-If they can’t draw it-Well than Taylor Swift will Probally be written on my cake xD

How lucky am I? =p Any Ideas what to do on my Birthday? I need Ideas other than Playing Baby-ish Games like Musical Chairs and Pass the Pilow/Parcel xD

I am askin’ u for Ideas coz I have nothing to do thats why I am gunna allow electronics xP

Ok well I should get going and think of how I am goin’ to meet Taylor Swift when I am older xD[Seriously… I am not kidding I have bin doing it all day for the past few days]


~Tay Tay~


8 Responses to “MIGHT NOT QUIT-=]]]]”

  1. ♥bliss September 2, 2010 at 7:01 PM #

    Have a piñata!! Fill it up with candy then bash at it with a stick! >:) lol it’s really fun.

    • Taylor Swift Fan September 3, 2010 at 11:05 AM #

      Lolz I know what a Pinata is Thing is—DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE ONE xD

  2. brry3321 September 3, 2010 at 5:22 AM #

    Yayerz~! Hmm,Sept 25? I kno it’s close to that. >:)
    Oh,I know a good game! If you’re having friends over for a party or something,before the party,buy some skittles,M&Ms,or other small candies (You’ll need alot), and count how many you are going to put in a glass or plastic clear jar. Then,when your friends come over,show them the jar and let them stare at it for a while. After that,let your friends,on a small piece of paper,write their name and the number of small candies that they think are in the jar. (Make sure that there are enough candies so your friends can’t count them all at once! Around 50 or less COULD be enough. While puting in the candy,look in the jar and see if it will be easy to count them. If it is too easy,put in more.) The person who got closest to the right number of candies is the winner! (Remember the right number of candies in the jar!) You can then share the candy with everyone when the game is over!

    • Taylor Swift Fan September 3, 2010 at 11:09 AM #

      Oops I still did not remove the sidebar thing xD Yes it is 25th Sept xD
      OH I played that game on my friends birthday!!! Exept we did it wif peanuts I think…xD I WON IN IT ^^

  3. brry3321 September 4, 2010 at 5:57 AM #

    I made a pinata once!
    First,blow up a balloon. (This will be the shape of your pinata. I dunno if you could use one of those snake-ish balloons. That would be cool.) Make sure it is big enough so you can put all the candy in. :3 First,put the balloon on a bowl so the edges of the bowl hold the balloon. Rip up old newspaper in to shreds. Get some of that white,sticky glue use to make things and add some water to dilute it and it becomes thin. Don’t add too much water! And put the glue in a bowl. dip a news paper shred in the glue and stick it flat on to the balloon. Make sure it is flat on the balloon. Keep doing this until you have two layers and let it harden for the night. When it’s harden,you can paint it or stick on bits of colored tissue paper. Then,carefully cut open the top and put all the candy inside. Stick the top back on,hang it somewhere,and you’re done! I think that’s how you make a pinata,at least. 😛

  4. brry3321 September 5, 2010 at 3:20 AM #

    Oh,and I think you’re suppose to take out the balloon rudder stuff after you cut it open to put the candy in but I dunno. 😛

  5. If there wil be a Pinata I think I will search it up xD
    I went to party in somones B-day and once someone hit the piñata open-EVERONE STRTED JUMPING ON EACHOTHER TO GET THE STUFFF xD
    Luckily not me so when all the candy wuz gone allthat wuz left fer ne wuz a pin and a sharpener xD


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