Chatter bots

11 Sep

Brry3321 herree ❤

Heyy! As the title said…chatter bots. They’re pretty funny. You talk to them when you’re bored,or if you just want to mess with them. 😀 Talking to chatter bots doesn’t mean you’re lonely. XD They’re just fun to mess around.I know some good ones.


Talk-Bot says different things depending on the time right under his picture. Morning,afternoon,evening,ect. Something about the robot is that he changes the subject if you say something he wouldn’t understand. Either that or he just likes talking about things he chooses. 😛


He is kind of more intelligent than Talk-Bot to me. Try messing with him and try to push his red button! It’s really fun. In the room he is in is a “bit bucket” and a “mailbox”. Type in “Dance for me!” and see what happens. It’s pretty humorous. 😛 He may change the subject sometimes,but if you keep talking about the same subject,he might just stick to it.

Alice the chatter bot:

I haven’t talked to this chatter bot in forever. I don’t know much about Alice. 😛

That’s all. They’re just for fun so you don’t really have to chat with them. XD

Quest for a question~ Which chatter bot was your favorite? Mine is Elbot. 😛 Do you know any other chatterbots?


4 Responses to “Chatter bots”

  1. Taylor Swift Fan September 12, 2010 at 3:57 PM #

    Chat Bot 2 is also fun!
    U can find her on
    I will try these ones to! Thanx =]

  2. MelissaMusicBear8 September 12, 2010 at 5:40 PM #

    Umm, what IS a chatter bot, exactly? They aren’t real people, are they? How do you talk to one? Is there a link where I can go to talk to them?

  3. Lick on the names to go on em’
    They’re just some robots and the creators give the robot a name and we can chat with them if were bored.
    My fave is also Elbot but Inlike Chat Bot 2 beter
    U can Also just go on google and type in Chat Box 2
    Find one of mousebreaker.
    She iz RELLY FUN AND PRETTY!!(She’s pretty much an Anime x]]

  4. BTW it’s TSF/Cyboy

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