Can anyone else Besides me please post??!!

18 Sep

B4 I start about my workers not posting-

Let me Tell you it was Raining HARD last night! Actually from 3:30 PM! It got so dark there were grey clouds moving REELLLLYYY Fast! FAST WIND And we got hear such loud “Thumps” of the Rain coz we have a glass roof now![Lots of Posts back I told u that Twice a part of our Roof fell into our neighbours house coz of the wind so we replaced the whole thing with a glass roof!] Yes and Last NIGHT I was asleep but it came in the news and my Parents were awake was another big Earthquake!!!!

KOOL Lolz JK Not cool!

Well now for the Lecture 😛

Some workers I am okay with not Posting like Brry3321 coz 1, when she posts there are long and relly interesting posts. And 2 She posts MORE ON THIS Blog than her own[P.S Brry I suggest u post on your blog more =P your trying to make my blog more popular are’nt u? 😛 ]

And Maplewood- She is Okay–I am pretty sure taht she just if you can see she works on her blog and has to approve so many comments a day it could be Stressful if I were her.Other wise I know she can post…

Greenday- She quit Blogging so she is clear I guess…

Bliss-Uhh yes She CAN post[No offence Bliss :mrgreen: ]

MelissaMusicBear8-She can post 2-Not CLEAR SORRRYYYY MELLISSA!!! :mrgreen:

ShortStackLuvr-I dunno about her I think she quit her own blog she never posts on it so I guess ur clear to SSL 🙂

Meryl-Does not post much on her blog[Same thing ass Brry but Meryl just does not post here…]

Mahazme-She never visits her own blog much and has’nt really got the hang of blogging

Moonlight100- Same thing as Mahazme

Slushiebear-CAN Post but does not[No offence Slushie/Slushiebear :mrgreen: ]

Toxic_Hearts- She has wrote a million times on her blog she has no time for posting much-CLEAR

Jus’_Lovin’_Miley- Can Post-Not Clear SORRY!

iRok127-She has not really got the Hang of Posting she is new at blogging=CLEAR

IndigoRain-CAN Post-Not CLEAR SORRY!

Well tahts all bye =.] [A smiley with an ugly mole YUCK!]

Happy Saturday!


3 Responses to “Can anyone else Besides me please post??!!”

  1. Jus'Lovin'Miley September 18, 2010 at 5:19 PM #

    U have a lot of workers!.D

  2. brry3321 September 19, 2010 at 6:34 AM #

    LOL well you did say you wanted more posts from us,so I put most of my posting time on your blog. XD

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