Hi ;-l

18 Sep

Hi guys okay so Tay is conplaining about no workers posting so ima be the first in a VERY LONG time.Okay so holloween is approaching.I’m not sure if Tay celebrates it but anywho,this is not about holloween.Let’s go on.*Turns off lights and begins to talk in a creepy voice*Holloween is about goblings and ghouls right?Well here is a story to get you focused on what haunts awake you.

One day in Russia a little girl named Carole was playing on the far off west side of the mountains-where her mom told her not to go.Carole was not a bad girl but she was very curious and her curiosity often got her in deep trouble.So,she wandered farther on.Then,a luight appered from behind a tree.She quickly ran then,she saw a doll.The most beautiful thing ever-It had Blonde hair and blue eyes.The little girl trotted home with the doll tightly cluched in her hand.

The first night the girl slept with her doll,the doll got up and walked to the moms bed.There she took the moms pocket knife and tried to kill her but the mom woke up but quickly closed her eyes for she thought it was a night mare.The doll then walked out of the home and through the village,killing anyone who saw her.She stopped by the rifle stand and got a bucher’s knife.She walked home,hid both knives in the girl’s coat,and went back to bed.

The next day came.Carole was putting her coat on when the knives fell to the floor.Her mother was in a state of rage.She slapped Carole.”I didn’t do it mommy!My dolly did it!Please stop hurting me mommy!”Cried Carole,mind that she was seven years of age.Carole weeped all day,her body sore from her punishment.At night she turned to the doll and said”Why did you do thsat?That was mean!Now I am very mad at you!You shall sleep in the the snow!”And with that,she threw the doll out the window.The doll was angry.She marched right back into the house,grabbed a knife and walked into the moms room.She cut the mothers hand off.And crawled into Carole’s bed.

The next day,Mrs Laine was over,caring for the mother’s stub,what used to be her hand.”How did this happen?!Lcried the nurse.”I don’t…wait a minute!Carole!”Yelled the mother angrier than ever.When Carole came,she spike”Yes mommy?”.”You are a naughty girl.You cut mommy’s hand off because you were angry at me!You demon!”The next day,Carole was shipped to the juvinile detention center in America;with her doll at home in Russia.

The mother,in russia,was packing up her daughter’s stuff when suddenly,the doll’s eyes turned read and bored into the mother’s eyes.”You are naughty.All of you are naughty!I must punish you all!”The doll spoke than,her eyes faded to the sweet puppy dog eyes.The mother screamed in horror.She made a call to the detention center in Americas and demanded that they ship her daughter back.Then,she went to get the doll when she noticed she was gone.The mother knew where she was:on her way to the dock were Carole would land in a month.The mother grabbed carole’s jacket and put on her’s.

A month later,Carole arrived at the dock cold and hungry.Her mother was not there but the doll was.She grabbed the doll and burned it.She grabbed the ashes and threw then away from each other.She waited two days and then hert mother came.She put on her jacket and walked home with her mother.


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  1. Peter September 26, 2010 at 2:33 AM #

    I have been a subscriber to your blog for sometime now. Thanks for another quality post.

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