I need a quick,entertaining post,guys. THINK OF A PLAN!!!

19 Sep


*Whistles* …

What? No plan? AW,MAN! Well,I’m on my own. Here goes everything!

… *chirp chirp* So… It’s kinda late. Lemme talk about lollipops!

….. X.X

Man,I need better humor! N-E-ways,lollipops are my FAV snack. Just wish we have them more often. XC

Wow,that green text is hard to read. To lavender! 😀 L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P.S. Laugh Out Loud Like Itchy,Pickled,Odd People Soon!

Are YOU an Itchy,Pickled,Odd Person??? Great! We are looking for IPO people! WAIT!!!…


That aside… *ahem* Let’s see how much YOU know!!! (Don’t search any of these)

1. What is a banana?

2. What instrument do I play?

3. This one you have to guess. (Unless you carefully searched my posts on Chicken Smoothie before WHICH I doubt…) Are there more Righties or more Lefties in my family?

4. How many timezones are there in the world? Pretty obvious if you think about it!

5. Define “fursona”. Don’t google this.

Now,scroll down.










1. It’s BOTH a fruit and a herb! (I edited this answer. I got confuzzled :3 )

2. The violin. X)

3. More lefties!

4. 24! Obvious,yes?

5. An animal character used to represent oneself online or in furry role-playing! I have four on Chicken Smoothie. Dove the wolf,Ekaki the fox cross a wolf,Curieux the dog,and Lin the dragon! I know,the name Lin is kinda plain,but have you ever seen the movie “Spirited Away”? I love that movie,and one of the characters are named Lin! It’s pretty wierd cuz I didn’t know that when I was naming her. 😛

Well,that wasn’t REALLY a quick post but…erm…SEEYA!

Q: What do you think the answers really were?


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