19 Sep

‘ello. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. I just feel a little weird posting like Fantage stuff here and don’t have anything else to say. Finally, I have something that can be read by anyone. Warning: This is sad.


I was watching TV when suddenly this weird short story/movie comes up.

A boy was walking in a half-deserted desert and he fell into a well. Other boys were with him so they quickly ran to tell the boy’s grandfather. The grandfather then ran over the the well with a rope. He threw it into the well and told the boy to hold on so he could pull him up. The rope was too short.

It turned dark, the grandfather slept next to the well. In the morning, the grandfather awoke and saw a little girl throwing tortillas into the well. The grandfather asked what she was doing and she said she was giving the boy breakfast. Go away, the grandfather told her so the little girl left. Then the other boys showed up. The grandfather told them to go find help. The boys ran around the desert and found some men on horses(cowboys). They told them they needed help getting their brother out of a well. The cowboys then asked the boys where their parents were. The boys told them they had died. The cowboys then started to chase after them. The boys ran but were lassoed by the cowboys. The cowboys then took and probably sold the boys.

Back over at the well, it was days when finally the grandfather realised there was no other solution. He got his gun and shot the boy down the well. Three shots. The grandfather had tears in his eyes and that’s how the short story/movie ended.

I am horrible at telling stories but you don’t need to write very well to understand that this was a sad story.:(


Note: I am part anti-pescitarian (meaning, I eat pretty much every single kind of meat there is except for fish and am against eating seafood)

I had gone to a family party a while ago and when we got there my sister said that it smelled like shrimp inside the room. We were then seated and the little appetizer they brought was shrimp and some sushi things. Well, I was disgusted. I immediately pushed the plate as far away from me as possible. I was instantly mad. After that, they brought us flying fish. It was sickening. The fish had barely any meat on it and you could see almost all the bones. The wings were sticking out and I wanted to throw up. At the same time, I wanted to cry. It was so sad. Then, my sister wanted to know where the brain was(as if it weren’t obvious where…) so my dad took a FORK and opened its head and then took out its eye. After that he wanted to keep looking for the brain when I said STOP. Have some respect for the poor, dead fish.

So yeah, the only thing I ate was rice. :/ Not the best party ever.



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