23 Sep

Hey hey hey ! Ur fav girl TSF here!!!  Soo…Yezzie in English Guess what happened!!! Ma’am[What we call our Teachers] gave us work and we had to Fill in the Blanks with Articles[“a” or “an” but no “the”] and she gave the EXACT SAME questions to Grade 8—None of the 8 Graders managed to get full Marks [Pfft Bone Heads =P ] and I GOT FULL BEAT THAT EIGHT GRADERS THAT MEAN I AM BETTER THAN U IN ENGLISH!!!!![Remember we got tha EXACT SAME questions as Grade it] iRok127 [Blog:][Youtube: got full so did two, three of my other friends[No idea who else did tho xD] SOOOO Wassup everyone?

OH BTW I made a Sticky Post about the new contest that has bin in my contest page for AGES and only ONE PERSON joined so I made a sticky post k?




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