Fund Raiser Party

3 Oct

Yesterday from 4-7PM  Was our FUND RAISER PARTY!!! All the Money we collected was to be given to the Flood Victims [Floods had hit Pakistan I think 3,4 or sumthing months back?]

In the food- Nothing good really but the rest was—AWESOMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
There were Auctions! lolz People were selling EACHOTHER And in the end people were Selling Teachers xD My classfellow bought her Mother[Her mother is our ENG Teacher] 😆

There was singing and—DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dances were- AMAZING! There were TWO AWESOME Break dances!

And someone sang “Baby” by Justin Bieber and THAT’s When I realized I LIKED JB’s Songs[I hate him but LIKE his songz]…. 😳

There was this tiny lil smoke Machine that[It’s Pretty Obvious] throws smoke out of it xD And there were this Radio Looking thing and the parts where it looked like were the two Speakers on a radio, One side was shootin Red light and the Other was shooting green and when those lights were mixed with smoke– MAN IT LOOKED SO COOL!

And there was this light flashing with the smoke and lights that when u walked– It looked as thought u were dizzy coz it looked like people were falling sideways! It was so fun walking like that I actually bumped into I think a fourth Grade 😳

Okay That’s all I can remember so— Bye =]]]


~P.S Did’nt it all sound so fun? I mean our schools are so small but they actually gt the lights thing and a smoke machine and all– SO RADICALL!!!!


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