Salami[Baloney] is the answer to all edible Problemsl ;)

21 Oct

Haha true but not teh topic!

Today is about WHY OH WHY is my day gunna be AWESOME TOMORROW!

So many reasons oh my, where to start? 😛 xD

1. Tomorrow it will Rain

2. Tomorrow there is no Urdu Period

3. Tomorrow is Friday

4. Tomorrow in school is our SALAD AND SANDWHICH COMPETITION![I am not participating but I will be eating the Salad’s and Sandwhiches! xD]

5. Tomorrow I am goin’ to go to a club I have membership for and I am gonna SWIM! xD And then for Dinner we will  eat in the Cafe in the club!

6. We get the First Three periods free in School 2moz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all!

Buh byezz!!!

~TSF teh awsm 1!


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