My day today =]

22 Oct

Hey! ThIs FuNkY PoSt mIgHt Be LoNg.. MaYbE!!

I am gonna first tell you about what Happened around 1:30 AM!

First so you understand- I am kind of scared of sleepin’ alone in my Room [ :mrgreen: ] so My mom sleeps with me… She’s on teh Mattress and I am on teh lower bunk[I have a bunk-Bed but it’s SO high I cannot sleep on the upper bunk coz we turn on the fan 😆 ] But this night I slept on the Mattress and it RAINED SO HARD around 1:30 AM! And the Mattress is right NEXT to the Curtains[ObViOuSlY there is a window there x]]  so I felt scared but LOVED it! It was thundering and storming[If storming is a word…] and raining and winding[That’s not a word but since everything is ending with “ing” I decided I should put it after “wind” to xD!] and Yeaaahhh… I guess that’s all for what happened in the Mornin’?

Now- When the Salad and Sandwhich Competition Started… I was with an AWSM friend of mine…………… After the Judges had Tasted the Salad’s and Sanwhiches… We are also aloud to eat them so I tried them and another friend of mine made Salad and I finished all the Olives :mrgreen: I did not Participate but everyone was saying that one of the Judges just tasted a CRUMB of BREAD from the sandwiches… oh and my class thought that this year the competition was unfair… I told you why– One Judge just had a CRUMB of the BREAD! And there’s this one boy in class… they did not even TASTE his and when he told the Judges what was inside– The started laughing- THEY ARE MEANIE BOBINE SLOWINIES! 😡 [ xD ].

Next- After the S&S  Competition- we went to class for a few secs of Science Period and our Teacher asked us to make a model of a House[It’s a Project] so Imma do it with Three people and they’re cumin’ to my house! Probally this Sunday =]

Since it rained last night [or this Morning…?] it has bin EXTREMELLYYYY Cold the whole day! Even right now![So teh fan is not on and I am wearing those woollen Shoes thingyzz]

After school, I ate while watchin’ T.V Prayed, read the Quran- Did nothing for a while- went on the Computer then but them my mom told me to go to her to put some oil in my hair. Then My mom was using that comb[the one we use to take out lice from our hair] and started combin’ my hair- not a SINGLE lice- only Dandruff xD That’s why my hair was Itching…

Then we went to swimming— then we went to the Cafe where I had a fresh juice[Apple] and Pizza Catanese[I packed the remainin’ pieces for home]. And I was dipping the Pizza in Tomato Ketchup so my mom was like “Your eating pizza with ketchup? So desi” ;P Lol it was just a joke[Or was it]…

Then we went home and I came here telling you about my day..

Well that’s all I guess =]


~TSF in an EXTREMEEELLLYYY Hyper mood!


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