I’m Back!

23 Dec

Hey Everyone!! I am back! Today was my last exam (Islamiyat) and now a (sadly very short) vacation begins for only 11 days -_-‘ 😦
2morrow I am going to Karachi and boy, am I glad! My cousins are there!!
Well atleast I am back 🙂
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! 🙂
BTW Brry the banner you made, (well I made but yah…) It’s not showing…
BUT Maybe I know how it can show 😀 Oh and THANKS! Could you please tell me again how to make it in a banner? ( I know the DECORATING part just wanna know the banner part)
Here’s a Christmas Joke!!!
Q-What did Adam say to his wife?
A- It’s Christmas, Eve !
Geddit? Nice aye? 😉
BTW- Check out this pics I made using PhotoChop on my iPod Touch-




2 Responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. brry3321 December 24, 2010 at 7:36 AM #

    It’s showing on the sidebar for me! 🙂
    Copy the HTML code from the picture on photobucket,and delete the text bewtween <a href=" and " target=". Then replace it with the link to the site you want when you click it it goes there. There should already be the link of the picture somewhere in the HTML code. Example: http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab15/Brry3321/blank2-1.gif
    Put that finished code in the sidebar,and done!

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