Pheww! Haven’t posted!

19 Jan

I am so sorry I  haven’t bin posting! I can’t come on the computer much, 1. Homework 2. Tests Hopefully I won’t get it until a week) 3 Report Card results… 😳

Is it to late to introduce you guys to my new worker BestFreind09? :mrgreen:

I need to make this post long… Oh yeah!!

2morrow from school we are going to a field trip to the Cinemas!! We’re watching the new Gulliver’s Travels 🙄 I heard it failed in America x)

I was going to take my iPod to the Cinemas but I didn’t.

Cause even if I give my iPod to the office I don’t feel safe bringing it to school…

Well… GTG!! Byee!



2 Responses to “Pheww! Haven’t posted!”

  1. bestfreind09 January 20, 2011 at 3:40 PM #

    Oh u have posted 202 posts in this blog

    no who is going to win the contests in my blog. Once in a week u vote for urself star maybe it wont close till my annual exams end or maybe at april only

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