Back frm the Cinema!

20 Jan

Heyy! I went to the Cinemas!!! (School Trip)
It was….
Haha, Jack Blacks dance was just 😆 !

Here: This is what I tweeted:
Came back from the Cinema! It was Heaven! It’s was HILARIOUS! Especially Jack Black’s dance! Haha! I had Nachos. And in the Intercom I had more Nachos, My friend and I both payed for it and ate it, I ate the Jalapeños to haha! It was yum!! (Only Jalapeños I liked!) Oh and we also sang in the Van on our way to the cinemas and after LOL! Best parts were- WE MISSED SCIENCE, I GOT NACHOS AND I WAS’T BORED!!
Lol! That’s it!
~Sorry if I missed out something!!
~Star in an AWESOME mood!!


2 Responses to “Back frm the Cinema!”

  1. ♥bliss January 21, 2011 at 3:19 AM #

    I don’t like jalapeños only the juice lol. Like the vinegar juice thing I put that in my sandwiches. Lol you missed science. Lucky! 😆

    • Starlight_Juliet January 21, 2011 at 1:47 PM #

      You mean that sour thing we put it soup? I like it in my soup :mrgreen:
      IKR! LOL. I am lucky. I could tell you WHY I hate science but I can’t tell in public because eh heh, probally someone from my school is reading this

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