ALOT You guys need to hear about!

21 Mar

Hello! I have’nt posted for a while. PROOF of my Laziness xP ( I think)

Last things First!

Today (March 21st 2011) at 8.06 AM (Yes I remember)

There was a Bird INSIDE our house. Poor thing was trapped in one of your windows! (I mean that design thing’s you have on your window?) It was stuck in that. My dad went upstairs opened the door to the Terris, The bird started chirping. (Sounded like a SQUEAL) My dad held it gently took it outside and set it free :3 The little Birdy looked to cute ❤ BUUUUT I felt sorry for it </3

On March 18th was our Kangaroo Math!

I was in Benjamin Level. It was SO HARD! Three of the questions had the answers underlined haha. The smartest person in our class felt like RIPPING the paper. Now you should know how hard it was.


On March 17th (YES I am going backwards)

Was my favourite thing.

DS1 and DS2: The people who started the DARK Side.

DS3: The one who started following DS1 and 2. And now she won’t leave them out of site and will do anything they tell her to do.

DS4: Some boy in my class

DS5: A very nice friend of mine (She’s the only one who remains nice to me even though she’s in the DARK SIDE)

There more DS’s (Dark Sides) You’ll find out who they are because most of the class is in the DARK SIDE rofl.

Light Side Characters:

LS1: Me


LS2: My Second BFF (Irok127)


LS4: Another  Friend


Both (In a way) Character(s)


BS1: Funneh Boy

One who wants to stay in the Light Side but get’s dragged to the Dark…



Everyone in the Lights Side (And SS1) were just talking and all and then the Dark Side people were also there (THANKFULLY not with us) and they were going to some stupid group they made. I’m not going to say the name… I might say it later. They dragged SS1 With them, They’re doing stuff and all. They’ve HYPNOTIZED People to join them. Huh I am not falling for that AGAIN. (Yes Last year when DS2 Wasn’t in this school, they tricked me). So we were just walking around the school, and we found there ‘Secret’ club was in our COMMON ROOM, and the door was opened. Wow. LS2 and I are like ‘Wow what a nice ‘Secret’ club’ and stuff like that 😆  .

Oh and since we have Volleyball, Some Juniors(Elementary school for you guys) came. (They were two Fourth Graders) They told our science teacher that some kids from our class (They meant SOME Kids from the DARK SIDE (Freaky Music) were bullying them. We were there so the teacher asked us where they were and we couldn’t LIE to her now, could we? So we told them. Our teacher called BS1 and told him to find them. DS people asked who told and he said that ME, LS2(We were the only ones that told), LS3( She didn’t even know what was going on!), LS4, and LS3 (These two didn’t tell anyone) told Ma’am that they were there! They all let there anger out on LS2! And she was crying… I mean she was under pressure! ( I think) Everyone blaming us thinking we wanted them Busted. ( Well we did, but we wouldn’t have told the teacher if she hadn’t asked). DS6 is like ‘ Why did you tell!’ God. They let their anger out on us when they didn’t know the reason why.

Moral of what I wrote: Never let your anger out on someone unless you know the real reason why they did something. xP

I know I didn’t mention some characters. I hate EVERYONE in the Dark Side other than DS5. Most of our class has went to the dark side.

P.S Harry Potter Rules.

P.S.S Cookies

P.S.S.S You are allowed to laugh all you want at this story in front of me, I smiled while writing this xD.



3 Responses to “ALOT You guys need to hear about!”

  1. irok127 March 21, 2011 at 3:14 PM #


    • Starlight_Juliet March 21, 2011 at 8:14 PM #

      I don’t understand what your talking about.
      Don’t be embarrased or Angry! It’s OKAY! This is a Typical thing :3

      • irok127 March 23, 2011 at 7:02 PM #

        :/ OKAY!

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