I got a Reply from James!!!

22 Apr

Hello! James Phelps replied to me on 4/19/2011 9:16PM

Who is James Phelps, You ask? He my Friends. Play’s Fred Weasley from Harry Potter 🙂

Yes. His Twin Brother plays George Weasley! Want to see a picture?

George has a cast-thing on one of his ears is because, in the seventh part he loses an ear 🙂

BACK to the reply.

James, was answering Questions by his  Fan’s while I was online. So I asked him ‘Can you come to Pakistan, PLEASE? :D’  and he replied ‘One Day’

xD. Not much, I was just excited that a celebrity, Hence a Harry Potter character replied to me 😀



See? 😀 If he ever comes to Pakistan, it’s because of me! xP

I want chocolate…

In OTHER News…

HAPPY EARTH DAY And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @DudeItsAimee on Twitter! 🙂

Fantage Earth Day Flower Planting cheat:

Go to Up Town and click on the ‘Earth’.


Click yes. (Obviously)


Red Seeds go in Tulips, Yellow in Daisy’s and Purple in Violet


One Water drop goes to the Violet.

Three Water drops go to the Daisy.

Five Water Drops go to the Tulip.


Sun Behind the Cloud goes to the Violet.

Sun goes to the Daisy.

Half of the Cloud and Sun showing goes to the Tulip.






Gift 1 is a wrist band I think

Gift 2 is a sticker of a pink cat painting the earth…?

Real nice Fantage. (Notice the Sarcasm)

Both gifts are for all members!


(Notice I am wearing the band in that picture)

K, Bye!



2 Responses to “I got a Reply from James!!!”

  1. Starlight_Juliet May 2, 2011 at 8:02 PM #

    I like your name ;D


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