Guess who’s baaaaaaaack! (Demi Lovato Style)

18 Jun

Hey! I am back! Exams are finally over! I can’t believe the Summer Holiday’s have started! This Term went so fast! I’ll be going to 7th grade, hopefully 🙂

So I am going to tell you guys some stuff I wanted to share 😛

June 6th: Nanny McPhee 2 was coming on TV ( I have seen it before too) AND I  JUST LOVE IT. And you know Celia and Cyril dad? Guess who he is played by; RALPH FIENNES! Ralph Fiennes plays Lord VOLDEMORT in Harry Potter! Pretty cool with a nose, eh? xD

Ok so, I also want to say that 4 people who act in Harry Potter come in Nanny Mcphee!

I shall make a list of those people 🙂

Name in Real Life Role in Harry Potter Role in Nanny McPhee
1.Maggie Smith Minerva McGonagal Mrs Agatha Docherty
2. Emma Thompson Sybil Trelawney Nanny McPhee
3. Rhys Ifans Xenophilius Lovegood

Uncle Phill

4. Ralph Fiennes Lord Voldemort Lord Gray

That Awkward Moment When you realize how Cool Ralph Fiennes is with a nose


I just made my own Smiley! It is: :E <—THAT’S NANNY MCPHEE XD

I also watched Alvin and the Chipmunks two for the third time on June 6th :] Can you believe that Jesse McCartney voices Theodore? :O

June 7th: There was this freaky huge thing from the Grasshopper Family stuck to a net door in our house. At first we thought it was a Grasshopper but it had a sting so yeah. A sting and red eyes. IT WAS HUGEE, it’s probably as big as my ear 😛 Then we thought it was a Praying Mantis but no, Then we never new what it was xP And I THINK That thing was also reproducing O.O

Oh and I watched the Plain White T’s iCarly part for the second time on June 7th too!

June 9th: The start of my exams! I was also Watching Finding Nemo for I don’t know, the 100th time and I also watched alittle Pink Panther! Ashwariya Rai is in it O.O I like her now! FIND NEMO RULES! \m/(>.<)\m/

June 14th: BLISS’ 14TH BIRTHDAYYYY!! Also Owl City’s new Album (ATBAB; All things Bright and Beautiful) was out! Three PotC Movies were on and I watched the second part (From the ending of the middle :P) IT IS OFFICIAL NOW: HP, LotR and PotC > Sorcerers Apprentice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> some other movies xDa

Also on June 14th, Sean Bean (THe dude who plays Boromir in LotR) had done something VERY Brave and he is 52 years old!

What happened:

“Sean Bean, star of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, was stabbed outside of a London pub.Sunday night, the British actor was injured while defending the woman he was with, 22-year-old Playboy model April Summers.

The fight is said to have started when a stranger walking by made some less than respectful comments in reference to Summers while the two were smoking outside of the pub. Bean followed the man in an attempt to defend Summers but the man continued to walk away.

Later on in the night, however, Bean left the bar for another cigarette break and the man returned to assault him. According to witnesses, the man punched Bean in the face and then stabbed him with what appeared to be broken glass.Instead of going to the hospital, he returned to the bar and had another drink”

How cool is this dude?!


Ahhh Lord of the Rings ❤

Okay NOW I want to tell you guys the BEST Thing. What My friends and I did yesterday!

We finsished our Science exam and Practical and we were in school talking and all, then a friend of mine took some of us to mcDonalds!! I was the only one who did not order a Happy Meal xD After eating we filled those forms of how we liked their services and we made jokes! Like for one of the ones I wrote; My Name was Lady Gaga xD In another my Name was Nawaakif (Which is urdu for unknown) and my Occupation was Eating xD

My friend made one and the name was Teletubies xD In comments, irok127 wrote ‘ I found a poopsicle in my food’ xDYes, POOPSicle not POPSicl xD We’re weird I know 😀 We also made everything Poor xD HOPEFULLY WE HAVE BETTER MCDONALDS IF WE DO EVERYTHING POOR! xD A boy in my class also wrote ‘You sux’ in the comments xD And we wrote other wacky stuff. FUN.

We also went to the Park next to McDonalds, and two boys in my class (who had came) have the DIRTIEST Minds in our class and them and this other boy did something that I Refuse to speak off O.O


After, we went to our friend (WHo took us to Mcdonald)’s house! I LOVE Her Baby Brother (And sister)! Lol Most of them had a pillow fight while I connected my iPod to speakers and played music 😛 And we would speak funny stuff that you people wont laugh at and so on 😛 We also played with her dogs (And pupp(ies)y ) SHE HAS PUGS (And another species), BUT SHE HAS PUGS! PUGS ARE THE CUTEST 😀 One pug sort of jumped on me 😀 The same Pug runs very fast! She chased one of the boys xD

Well that’s all! Pretty fun, eh? I didn’t tell everything though. I might’ve forgotten some stuff. What I wrote above might not be ‘fun’ for you but if you were there, you’d have so much fun!

~Cyboy (Star/Swifty)



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