Fantage Oasis cheats for Day 1,2 and 3

22 Jul



***DAY 1***

Go uptown and click on the dude. He will lead you to the plane. Click the plane and you’re in another area.

You’ll see a man waving and saying ‘Hi! I’m Ed Venture!’click him and just get ready for the minigame adventure.









S’mores looks tasty 8D

Basicly, when the Marshmallows get dark, place them in a cracker. You have time by the way.


Ok, so when the chocolate has melted just drag them to the crackers.

You will get:


Marshmallow Accessory is for members. Campfire Tee is for all members!




***DAY 2***


Now Giant Boulder escape.






Just keep dodging the rocks. Use your left and right arrow keys to move. try to Get the blue rocks if you can.


Sticker is for All members and Adventurer Jacket is for Members.


***DAY 3***







Where the treasure pieces are:


Clue 1- Fine a MOONSTONE where you can lift of in an airplane! = That new place above Fantage on your map. Click it. Something will show up. And you just have to click ‘GO TO AIRPLANE! The Moonstone is there.

Clue 2- Look for a ROPE near a fishy looking ship… = Beach. Keep going right.

Clue 3- You can find a MAGNIFYING GLASS where the ground is white. = Mount Fantage. Next to the dude sitting in the mouth of a cave.

Clue 4- A Blazing campfire may hold the answer. Find BOOTS There! = Sit in the Airplane and go to another land. You will see a boot on your left.

Clue 5- Find an EXPLORER HAT on a wooden post near a lucky tradesman! = The Forest, near Lucky Bobs.

Clue 6- You can find GLOVES Peeking out of a window where creatures roam. = Creature Arena.

Clue 7- A MONKEY is trying to bend in with balloons. Will the guard notice? =  Outside the Castle. Go a little to the right and you’ll see a giant Monkey on top of you. It’s a cute monkey :3

Clue 8- Find a DIAMOND near a camping tent in a magical place! = Wizards Domain.

Clue 9- A GOLDEN NUGGET lies in an abandoned row boat. = The Lighthouse. On top of the boat.

Clue 10 – A COMPASS lies in protective moat waters. Look for a mouse… = Outside the castle Realtors. Next to the game Mouse out.

You get: image

You’re welcome for the cheats! ;P


Bye now!

~Crystal (I guess :F)


2 Responses to “Fantage Oasis cheats for Day 1,2 and 3”

  1. Tammy July 22, 2011 at 6:45 PM #

    Thnx so much 4 the help! i love fantage! :(|) <<<<< Monkey!

    LOL random-ness!


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