Today was AMAZING!!

17 Oct

Hayyy. Sorry I haven’t posted since the 23rd of September. To make it up to you; *Gives your virtual cookies and waffles*.

Yeah, So my birthday was on the 25th of September and I am officially twelve years old. xD

My god, I’ve been blogging since I was like 8 or 9. O.O  WordPress, You will be a big part of my childhood when I’m older. But Beyblade is going to be the BEST. part of my memory. Beyblade and Pokemon. And I mean the older Pokemon episodes. The newer ones don’t even have BROCK in them. D: And Beyblade, I don’t mean the stupid Metal Fusion. I mean the one with Kai, Kenny, Max, Ray, Tyson etc… :’) MEMORIES.

BUT ANYHOW… (This font is called ‘Vanilla Twilight’ btw.)

This is NOT what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is what happened in school today. IT WAS AMAZING.

Oh  and we missed science period.  Ok so…. During science, These four musicians and a lady (This awesome lady came from Thar.) had come to our school. The four musicians were playing cultural music and a few students, a worker and one or two teachers came to dance at different times. After the musicians were done, the lady started singing and the musicians were playing music again (obviously xD) omg and she was fantastic. And no the music wasn’t any English song. Like of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or anything. (That’d be so much cooler though.) It was, I think Punjabi music?  She sang three long songs and during her songs, more people started dancing. And so did MANY Teachers, even both my principles. They’re goood. (Yes, I meant to put three ‘o’s in that.) And halfway to the first song, SO MANY PEOPLE came up to stage and started dancing because they were forced too. xD And I, being so shy ‘n all, went to the stage with my friends without being forced. WHAT.A.SURPRISE, Eh? Except I went because they’re were so many people. I guess that’s why I didn’t get stage fright. xD Halfway through the second song, EVERYONE except for 4 or 5 people stood up and either stayed where they were or went on stage and started dancing. again, IT.WAS.AWESOME.

That’s all for what happened today.

On saturday, A few (or  I think one) Pakistani band(s) came to our school and started performing but I didn’t go. Noo idea why. But I’m pretty sure I had more fun at home than those at the concert, why? I was watching Charlie McDonnell videos. Yeaaahhh.


One more thing,

Today, On twitter I saw this picture of a girl wearing a Justin Bieber shirt and she was at a Selena Gomez meet and greet. She was holding a big sign with ‘You are a (Insert the ‘W’ word here) Selena Gomez!’ And there was a heart on the side of the sign. btw, in the ‘(Insert the W word here)’ part, there was a bad word and I, who doesn’t swear, didn’t want to put the actual word. ;D

But if this is how you show disrespect to someone, something very bad (Not so bad like dying) should happen to you. If I was in the meet and greet I would “accidentally” kick her.  xD If I weren’t so shy…

How crazy SOME beliebers can be. This is why I don’t really respect much Beliebers. Death Threats to Selena, Making fun of her name, Calling HER names, Showing signs with bad stuff about her in one of her meet and greets, etc…

Lol guys if you do this to someone who makes Justin Bieber happy, there wont’t EVER be a chance for you to be with him.


Once again, SORRY for not posting for a long time. I’m just to addicted to twitter. xD


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