Today is 20/11/2011

20 Nov

Happy 20/11/2011. xD
Ermm… I went on club penguin a few days ago. I miss the days when I used to play it all the time. I remember, once Rockhopper was coming and I was like ‘THOSE WHO WANT TO WELCOME ROCKHOPPER, COME TO MY IGLOO!’ and only two people came. xD
I said that first, we should give Rockhopper a warm welcome, and we should be red penguins.

Soon, what I said was spreading rapidly and almost all penguins were red. No one knew it was my idea though.

When rockhopper came, I went in his ship, THERE WERE HUNDREDS IF RED PENGUINS STANDING NEXT TO , BEHIND OR INFRONT OF EAH OTHER, DANCING. 😀 But no one knew it was my idea. 😦

That is all.
Bye. 🙂
~Cyboy, or whatever you call me. xD


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