17 Dec

Oh hi. I’m just making a random blogpost. Here are the people I fangirled over, when they followed me. I still fangirl over them when I talk to them. x]

Dumbleadorable/ HarryPotterish

Dumbledorcrux/ 12GrimmauldPlc

Beautifulilies/ MrsLilyPotter

Isabelle_thn/ Fideliusc

x3Bubbly/ Dormiens_Draco

Carowling/ Pottergasmic

JinxedPotter/ Pottergasm7

Minniemort/ Drapplegasm



Tupert_or_rom/ iDrapple

Dracoxygen/ dracosinister




There are a lot more, I’m just to tired to remember. x] I’ll edit this.


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