So much to talk about.

19 Mar

Gahh, I’ve been neglecting this blog too much. I’m sorry, I really am. >.<
There's a lot to tell you guys but I can't remember most of it so I'll just post what I remember.

Firstly, my uncle came over a few days ago (he left on Monday or Tuesday.) and he got me an iPad Mini! So um, yeah, this is my first post from an iPad Mini.
We also got another cat. My mother's friend's wanted to keep her cat outside because it had grown and wanted to go outside. She didn't feel comfortable letting him go outside because the street has a lot of cars passing by and cats have died there before. But we have an empty street, so we got him.

He's inside most of the time. But my mother is allergic so he's only allowed in three rooms; Mine, my brother's and my grandmother's. We close him in any one of the rooms but he doesn't mind because he's sleeping all day.
[EDIT]: We can't bring him in anymore because mum's allergies are acting up. Well then.
[EDIT]: He can come inside again.



Well, I'm really depressed because on 22nd March (23rd here) 1/2 of my favourite bands broke up. I was just dying of sadness. My Chemical Romance 2001-2013. They announced their break up in a blogpost.

A day or two later Gerard Way, their lead singer wrote this really long twitlonger, which I found really sweet.
Here’s the ending of it:


~Rimshah Xx


4 Responses to “So much to talk about.”

  1. Annie April 20, 2013 at 6:37 PM #

    Oh wow, hey Rimsha! If you remember me 🙂
    Thought I’d go through some of the old wordpress blogs from the old community like 2 years back! Your music taste is so on point!!! You almost like every band I do 🙂 Paramore, SWS, PTV, MCR, MMF…..basically the background and header to your blog could be for mine too.
    Hope you’re doing well!

    • Rimsha April 20, 2013 at 6:39 PM #

      Oh hey, of course I remember you! I was just on your blog today. xD You like these bands too? That’s like, really awesome!

      • Annie April 21, 2013 at 8:47 PM #

        Oh wow, that’s weird! There’s literally nothing on my blog haha
        Yes! Like, our music tastes are eerily similar! I’ve actually gone to see Paramore, MCR, Simple Plan and You Me At Six at concerts :)!

      • Rimsha June 17, 2013 at 9:11 AM #

        Sorry for the late reply!
        You have? That’s awesome. :3 No one comes here.
        You’re from Australia, right? I’d love to be there right now. I heard BMTH and OM&M are touring there.

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