Spring Fever Tour

20 Apr

I really have nothing to post about anymore.

But I’ll try.

Mayday Parade, You Me At Six, All Time Low and Pierce the Veil are touring together and I’m just freaking out because of all the pictures of them. I really want to go. D:

Also, yesterday was my brother’s graduation ceremony thing. His school is like, 5x the size of mine. This famous guy was invited. His name is Salman Ahmad and he’s from the band Vital Signs. He’s worked with singers like Sting and Alicia Keys, I think. He sang two songs too. It was pretty cool. And after that was the part where the 13th graders get their diplomas. We left right after my brother’s name was called. xD

I’ve started watching Pretty Little Liars. I’m on Season 2. It’s pretty nice. I’ve also started Sherlock, but I finished all the episodes. Season three is in the making, though. This makes me happy. I’m on season four of The Vampire Diaries (around episode 15) and somewhere in the beginning of season eight of Supernatural. I’m waiting for TVD S04 and SPN08 to finish so I can get them on my TV. I’ve started watching Doctor Who again AAAND I’ve started One Tree Hill too.

Too. Many. TV. Shows.



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