24 Feb

Hey! Rimsha here. Well obviously.

As you can tell, I have abandoned this blog and I probably won’t post more on here. Or I probably will every once in a while. Maybe when I start writing stories again I’ll publish them here. have decided that I probably won’t post on here any time soon though. ButI do change my mind easily.

If anyone wants to talk to me. (No one even goes on this blog anymore though lol. I don’t go on this blog anymore.) Some off my social networking links are at the end of this post.

Two friends I met on Facebook through a mutual friend are starting up a music blog that I’ll be part of. That blog hasn’t been created yet but I will make sure to edit this post and write down the link to it once it is created.

But for now, I bid ye all goodbye.

~ Rimsha Xx

Instagram: @rimshasiddiqi
Twitter: @ohcalamityyyy/@rimsha5sos
Tumblr: a-handfulofmoments
Kik: rimshaissocoollike

Maybe I’ll make an ask.fm soon.


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