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The Hobbits Need Yhur HELP

20 Apr

I need to finish a FMV of “Theyre taking the hobbits to isengard” and when you sayt hat on fantage it doesnt show up. So I need your help. Send pictures of you saying “Theyre taking the hobbits to Isengard” to

Heres the preview, along with the song. : D If you dont feel comfortable emailing it, just post it on your blog, upload it to  some site and give me the link, or post it somewhere. o.o




maplewood425 …. i havent been postin…

13 Jun

… ok. the title says it all… i havent been posting. I dont know WHAT TO POST ABOUT. tay told me se quit fantage, but i saw her a few days ago, which meant she was on, but i thought she quit, so im not posting about fantage… yet. Or dw. she hasnt been on in like forever. Randomness? i really dont want to tell 6,000 views my life. personallness….



Gold coins on fantage

16 Mar


St. Patricks update

15 Mar

Hi everyone (:

The St. PAtricks is going on and this is wwhat you need to do:

To get Clover shirts/costumes-

Go uptown. You should see a leprachaun.(in the bushes) You will have to play 12 games to get the costumes/shirts (lets call them the c. and the s. for now?)


They are: Whack a Veggie, Go Carts, Snow Day, Boxy, Staries, Magic Pop, Bobo Fish, Snack Tac Toe, Buzzer Beater, Jelly Fishin, And Splash Classic.

You will get:  

To get the Coin boards:

To get the coin boards, you will go downtown. You should see a Leprechaun by the NPC. Talk to him and find 20 gold coins. I put a video on youtube but, its not processed yet, ill put it up when it is.

Anyway, When you Finish, You get:


Remember, enter my contest, and check back later for the video on the coins (1 hour from now!!!).


Party Medals

13 Mar

Do you think you’re the party host or hostess with the most-est? Are your roof-raising bashes the talk of the town? Well now, you’ll be able to flaunt your party hosting success! Starting Monday, a brand new medal will be given out to those who host popular parties! This new medal will be a nice and shiny addition to your medal page. You will be able to level up your medal by throwing parties that have a lot of guests! The amount of guests you have at your parties will accumulate over time and will increase your medal level. So, keep on throwing those big bashes! Take a sneak peek at the new medal!


so theres new party medals..



12 Feb

Valentines 2010

  Yep. Costumes for girls. Ill get guy pics later /: The fountains are where… the arrows are(downtown&Mt.Fantage) The costumes are members only….. BUT nons can get something. The can get lil t-shirts with hearts on them. Members can get costumes, that shirt, and another shirt. The answers are right there(below)








































12) 13)







 Lots o:


New Id Phone 2.2.10

2 Feb

Greetings Fantagians…it’s Static again, reporting from the IDFone headquarters. On Thursday, Feb. 4th, new IDFone items will be available in my shop! We’re talking new IDFone skins, wallpapers, stickers, sticker sets, and sticker pages! All of my new items are sure make your IDFone glimmer like new. Let’s take an inside look at a few of the new items!

First up, new stickers! These Valentine’s Day stickers will be perfect for giving to friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Next up, we have new IDFone skins, wallpapers, and sticker pages! 


Yep. New ID phone stuff!


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