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Happy Easter. :3

24 Apr

Happy Easter everyone!! Sorry I didn’t post here for a long time. 😛 Anyway,I’m in the drawing mood right now,so I drew a rabbit editable! (Experiment with the layers to understand them. Click layers and erase lines where necessary.)

My eyes are tired from all of it,so I’m gonna get off the internet now. ^^”

Bai! :3


I drawed a pic 8D

9 Apr

I’ve improved on my manga and anime alot,so I thought I’d show you guys my progress!

My Chicken Smoothie acount name is different,just so you know. 🙂 I’ll be drawing several more other manga drawings on it,so check back later if you’d like to see more. 🙂

Helpful criticism is welcome! It’s kinda late now,so this has to be short. So bye! 🙂


Hey everyone!!

2 Feb

Hi there! Brry3321 here. 🙂

A couple of days ago it was Australia Day. (YAYYYYY) It was very hot that day. And the air conditioner was broken. D: So we had to put fans in the warmest rooms.

The warmest rooms:

Family room

Lounge room

TV room

Up stairs (Warm air goes up…)

I stayed in some of the coolest rooms:

Bathroom (And near the bathroom 😛 )

The down stair bedrooms


UPDATE: Air con is fixxxeed!!! Yayerz!!

Anyway,it’s early Feb! Yayyy! I wuv Febuary. My big brother is born on Valentines day. 🙂 The other one,Christmas.

I’m excited this month! I’m turning 11 on the 28th of Febuary! 8D

I wish this month we’ll have two birthday parties. (Which isn’t really a party…. We normally just light the candles on the cake,sing “Happeh Birf Dai”,blow out the candles,then stuff ourselfs with potato chips,gummies,and other snacks. 😀 )

Well,I have nothin’ else to say sooo


(lol random post?)

Are you there?

18 Dec

Hey guys!….

Hello? There’s no posting and stuff…..

I like this fading black and grey stuff. 😛

Is really entertaining. x)

Or maybe it’s just me..

Tell me what you think of this fading colour kind of stuff. :3

Hope black and white isn’t making this post gloomy….

Bye ;3



I should REEEAALLLY post here more often. 0_9

12 Dec

Hey people!

Tay,here’s your banner,when you click it,it goes to your blog.


Just goto Appearance in WordPress,click Widgets,drag “Text” into the right side of the computer screen,open it up,copy and paste that code in,and save! (It MAY be a bit big,though. 😛 And I’ll help again any time if you forget again,Tay 😛 )

And ummm…bye!

I need a quick,entertaining post,guys. THINK OF A PLAN!!!

19 Sep


*Whistles* …

What? No plan? AW,MAN! Well,I’m on my own. Here goes everything!

… *chirp chirp* So… It’s kinda late. Lemme talk about lollipops!

….. X.X

Man,I need better humor! N-E-ways,lollipops are my FAV snack. Just wish we have them more often. XC

Wow,that green text is hard to read. To lavender! 😀 L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P.S. Laugh Out Loud Like Itchy,Pickled,Odd People Soon!

Are YOU an Itchy,Pickled,Odd Person??? Great! We are looking for IPO people! WAIT!!!…


That aside… *ahem* Let’s see how much YOU know!!! (Don’t search any of these)

1. What is a banana?

2. What instrument do I play?

3. This one you have to guess. (Unless you carefully searched my posts on Chicken Smoothie before WHICH I doubt…) Are there more Righties or more Lefties in my family?

4. How many timezones are there in the world? Pretty obvious if you think about it!

5. Define “fursona”. Don’t google this.

Now,scroll down.










1. It’s BOTH a fruit and a herb! (I edited this answer. I got confuzzled :3 )

2. The violin. X)

3. More lefties!

4. 24! Obvious,yes?

5. An animal character used to represent oneself online or in furry role-playing! I have four on Chicken Smoothie. Dove the wolf,Ekaki the fox cross a wolf,Curieux the dog,and Lin the dragon! I know,the name Lin is kinda plain,but have you ever seen the movie “Spirited Away”? I love that movie,and one of the characters are named Lin! It’s pretty wierd cuz I didn’t know that when I was naming her. 😛

Well,that wasn’t REALLY a quick post but…erm…SEEYA!

Q: What do you think the answers really were?

Chatter bots

11 Sep

Brry3321 herree ❤

Heyy! As the title said…chatter bots. They’re pretty funny. You talk to them when you’re bored,or if you just want to mess with them. 😀 Talking to chatter bots doesn’t mean you’re lonely. XD They’re just fun to mess around.I know some good ones.


Talk-Bot says different things depending on the time right under his picture. Morning,afternoon,evening,ect. Something about the robot is that he changes the subject if you say something he wouldn’t understand. Either that or he just likes talking about things he chooses. 😛


He is kind of more intelligent than Talk-Bot to me. Try messing with him and try to push his red button! It’s really fun. In the room he is in is a “bit bucket” and a “mailbox”. Type in “Dance for me!” and see what happens. It’s pretty humorous. 😛 He may change the subject sometimes,but if you keep talking about the same subject,he might just stick to it.

Alice the chatter bot:

I haven’t talked to this chatter bot in forever. I don’t know much about Alice. 😛

That’s all. They’re just for fun so you don’t really have to chat with them. XD

Quest for a question~ Which chatter bot was your favorite? Mine is Elbot. 😛 Do you know any other chatterbots?